Moving out + HRT

Moving out + HRT

From Renn J

My name's Renn, and I'm currently saving up to move out + begin hormone therapy. As a non-binary person, I plan on taking T for about 2-3 months. This page is to help me manage the cost of T while saving to move out.

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It's not always easy to describe gender transition through a non-binary lens, and I'm not expecting everyone to get it - but this is a decision I've been contemplating and researching since I was very young, probably since middle school. 

The jist of it is: the short-term effects of FTM hormone therapy will bring changes that I think will alleviate some of my dysphoria and make me finally feel more at peace with my body. I don't intend to be on T forever and I don't aim to completely pass as male. I don't feel 100% like a boy or a girl, but I have dysphoria over certain things regardless.

I was hesitant to make a page like this, but looking at the range of costs for testosterone made me realize that it'd be pretty hard to effectively save up to live independently while also taking HRT  (Especially since it's looking like I won't be able to do injectable T, so i'm looking into doing it via cream or gel instead, which is more expensive).

All of the money donated here will be going towards hormone therapy, and whatever is left over will be saved and put towards creating a financial cushion for moving out. If you choose to help support me, even by just $1 or by helping to spread the word, please know that it is greatly appreciated!

⭐️ Important: Please contact me via email or social media to claim a donation reward if you want it! If you don't contact me i'll just assume you don't want the reward. 

Email: [email protected]

You can find more examples of my art and animation work here.

Thanks for looking!

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