Moving from California to Virginia

Moving from California to Virginia

From Marie Eagan

Upon receiving separation orders, my husband & I plan to relocate from CA to Virginia. More info below!

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While the Navy will help us move, they will only pay to move our belongings to Kentucky, Mikey's home state. We plan to move and settle down in Virginia, where we met, which is a halfway point between most of his family/friends and my own.

Our financial situation has been complicated while temporarily living in Coronado, CA. Some of these are personal but one is the fact that our rent is VERY expensive. The sooner we can either buy a house or secure a rental in VA, the better. 

Unfortunately, we do not know when Mikey will receive his separation date and we only know that we'll have somewhere from 30-90 days notice.  This does not give us much time to make plans-- securing jobs in VA, flying out to VA to look at homes & apartments, buying or renting, setting up our belongings to reach VA, set up transportation and a "hotel" for our cats, and solidify travel plans.

I'm sure there are some things I'm forgetting, but the gist is: we may need a lot of money in a very short period of time. We absolutely cannot afford to live in California beyond Mikey's final BAH payment. Our cats don't like each other and we only have one vehicle with one driver for the trip across the country. 

The fundraiser goal is based on estimates compiled by Mikey concerning the cat transportation & hotel, travel costs (hotels, food, gas), and money we may need up front for housing. This is the most we (almost) feel comfortable asking for.

We're so close to *really* starting our life together-- having a non-temporary home, no military moves or long distance, having the ability to focus on the careers we want and the passions we have. We just need to settle in Virginia for that happen! If you decide to donate, know that we are INCREDIBLY thankful.

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