Moving Expenses and Rent

Moving Expenses and Rent

From Meghan Welch

Moving Expenses and Rent: UBox $1575.95, Rent $925, Power bill $115 Total: $2,615.95 I will post the details as to why can't afford this in the post I will share. This has a limit on the characters.

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Moving Expenses and Rent

I have had to relocate across the country to save myself from the extreme toxicity of my previous workplace environment. 

I was being threatened, gaslit, and had absolutely no assistance from my manager (she was the one gaslighting me), coworkers were accusing me of being racist, and when I would address the fundamental issues of bullying, nepotism, and overall corruption within the establishment I was penalized, the list goes on and on. 

I was so completely burnt out that I would fall asleep on my 45 to 50-minute commute to work daily. It is a miracle that I didn't actually kill myself. I started having suicidal ideations again after a year of not because of the trauma this experience caused me. I nearly quit education altogether.

Because I had to get out of there as fast as I could and because of living expenses in AZ, I was unable to save up the money to pay for the UBox ($1575.95), rent ($925), and electric bills (AZ $60, KY $55). I am asking for $2,616 to help me keep a roof over my head and get the rest of my things out of the UBox so I do not have to pay 3 months of storage rent as well. One month of storage rent is $110. I already will have to pay for two months ($220 not in the total asking amount).

It is not an easy thing to admit that I need help, especially financial help. I honestly would not even do this if it weren't for my therapist encouraging me to do so. Posting this, asking for money makes me physically ill with anxiety, but I'd rather that than not have a place to stay. 

If any of you want to and are able to help me, every little bit is a blessing. If you can't afford to give but still want to help me you can share this post. Really, the further it reaches, the more people see it, and the more people who give will mean that they will have to give less. If 2,616 people give they need only give a dollar. 

I chose to use Fundly instead of GoFundMe because Fundly is a “Keep It All” (KiA) platform. This means fundraisers don’t have to reach their goal to receive the money they raise. Whatever donations I receive, I will keep (minus any fees). Fundly charges a 4.9% standard platform fee in addition to a 2.9% credit card processing fee and $0.30 per transaction.

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