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7 months ago

Update #1

One of the positive changes that the coronavirus pandemic brought to the world is the promotion of ecotourism. Now, more than ever, people are out in the world: running, hiking, and experiencing nature to avoid being in confined spaces.

In Ukraine, some of my former students are working on a new start-up: MountGuide. They are looking to revolutionize the way people hike and climb mountains by designing a mobile application that has the latest up-to-date information on routes, the ability for hikers to mark troubled areas on a route (like a Waze for hiking), the schedule for train, bus, and other transportation information, and so much more!

This is really innovative and something that can change the way people map their hikes and have an ease of travel. Ultimately, the goal is twofold: to provide safer routes and guidance so that even novice hikers can feel comfortable trekking trails and exploring nature and to boost and promote ecotourism, initially in the Carpathian Mountain regions in Ukraine, then throughout Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and, eventually, the world.
As with any project, they need some funds to get their idea off the ground and to develop it further. In the spirit of adventure and helping others, I ask that you consider donating something to help them with their venture. Whether it’s $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, or even $100.00, anything helps!

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