Morgan, Sawyer and Summer Corey Fund - Montecito Flood

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Morgan, Sawyer and Summer Corey Fund - Montecito Flood

From Taylor Owens

This is the official fundraising page of Morgan, Summer and Sawyer Corey. This fundraiser has been created by me, Taylor Owens (Morgan Corey’s biological sister) on behalf of Morgan’s biological parents- David Corey ...

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Taylor Owens posted a new update:
over 3 years ago

Update #1

From the Owens and Corey Family, we want to thank each and every one of you for your immeasurable support and donations during this horrific experience. It has been 42 days since the loss of Morgan and Sawyer, and we are still in a deep state of shock - it still doesn’t feel real to any of us.
In an effort to remain transparent and informative, we wanted to send you an update on our donation campaign and the recovery of our family. As originally mentioned, this fund was set up by me, the biological sister of Morgan Corey – though she was more than a sister to me. I created this page on behalf of Morgan’s mother, Teresa Owens, and Morgan, Sawyer, and Summer’s father, David Corey, to aide in the irrecoverable loss of Morgan and Sawyer and the future well-being of Summer. In my original post, I included graphic details of the events that occurred right as the mudslide happened. I have removed these details to spare ourselves that horrific memory.

Lastly, I know our family tree is quite confusing, so I wanted to help clarify. Teresa Owens is the mother (biological and otherwise) to Morgan Corey, but not to Summer and Sawyer. David Corey is the father (biological and otherwise) to all three girls. David and Teresa have a strong bond and have joined together during this difficult time. Mentioned in my original post, Carie Baker was also a victim in this mudslide. She is the mother of Summer and Sawyer (biological and otherwise) and was formerly Morgan’s stepmother. Carie played an integral part in Morgan’s upbringing, alongside Morgan’s parents, Teresa and David. To reiterate, if you are able to donate to both pages, please also take a look at Carie’s GoFundMe page: We are praying for a peaceful recovery for she and the Baker family.

If you have any questions, whatsoever, please feel free to reach out to me personally at

With deepest appreciation,
Taylor Owens

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