Mommy on a Mission

Mommy on a Mission

From TT Pogue

I’m a Mommy on a Mission! We are a Family of 10! I was in a bad accident an cracked my Top & Bottom Mandibular and I love to pray , sing,and speak My surgery is 11,000 to give me this ability again . Moldavite 144,000

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Mommy on A Mission! 

I have stepped out on faith to tell my story here! We are a praying family of 10! 5 beautiful girls and 3 boys. My situation has caused the family to suffer mentally, emotionally, and financially, and I’m praying now after years of suffering to finally be able to chew, speak, and sing again in the way God has blessed me to be able.. 

I haven’t had the sweetness of life or crunchy yummys candy in years. With the fear of my temporary fix becoming Damaged. I became a national author, three years ago, and due to my dental situation it forfeits me from being able to speak the way I should.I love smiling and It’s my destination to be a Author and tell stories to children all over the world.

I was 6 months pregnant with my babyboy and fainted at a Movie Theatre and cracked my top and bottom mandibular. This left my mouth wired shut for 3 months and several heart breaking issues with 11 damaged areas of the mouth. It also causes me to be anti-social with feelings of shame ..I miss so much about life ..

I suffered.. we suffered 

loss income and suffer from hearing loss and Severe Complex PTSD

However Gods sheep hears his voice! I chose not to sue because I am a child of The Most High God and all that I work for I will keep . I also feel like sewing is a matter of life and death and I am so thankful just to be alive and I just know that when it truly comes down to it if you’re hurting the situation, God is going to bless you with what you need. You should never have to force anyone to do anything that is God‘s job.  My surgery is 11,000 and God has blessed me with a Dental surgeon who has given me free service with parts needed for surgery. However, this is a professional practice and it is protocol and there are so many parts that need to be paid for. She has done all she can it would have been almost $30,000 for this procedure and she has narrowed it down to 11,000 and I know with God I will be able to get this money Plus also provide the transportation that I lost .

 After May we will have three children in college , 1 in high school, 1 in middle school and three in elementary school.

As of Today , I am in severe pain with my with my temporary fix and I’m also running out of time with this situation. I am in the process of losing just about everything because I am not able to work with the pain.

The Picture you see attached to this story is a swan however please look into my eyes and there you will find a beautiful truth.. 

It is my hands and feet that you can not see that helps me.. I am truly tired and I want peace to return to the basic demands of everyday life .. 

I love you in advance God Bless

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