Momma's Hen House

Momma's Hen House

From Laurie Frye

I'm raising money for expansion of my chicken family. I'm building a new coop/run to home my egg layers as well as meat chickens for my family and local community members.

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I currently have 42 chickens, all named and they are "my ladies". I have 1 rooster named Waylon and he is "my guy". All of my chickens are very well cared for. They received fruits/veggies each week, daily hugs and attention. They are very active layers and actively produce over a dozen eggs a day. Eggs are for our use at home, family/friends and have even been donated to our local American Legion for events. My flock is well known and loved by all. I am looking to expand the flock and expand my ability to provide eggs to my community and town. Growing my flock includes more egg layers as well as meat chickens. Meat chickens will be provided not only for family consumption but also local community organizations that provide food boxes and meat to families in need. The amount I'm hoping to raise will cover the building of a new coop and run, all supplies needed to hatch my own chicks and their necessary supplies. This will also cover the cost of processing supplies for meat chickens. Thank you!!



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