Partner Up for Cannabis Education in Arizona!

Partner Up for Cannabis Education in Arizona!

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Your kind donations help us book rooms, buy educational brochures, and much much more. Partner with us to bring more Honest Drug Education to Arizona by becoming a Sponsor, Member, or Donor today!

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MomForce AZ is a nonprofit organization for substance education, harm prevention and whole health solutions. 

We are an all-volunteer group of parents and concerned citizens working to make the world a better place through advocacy and education. MomForce educates consumers about the substances that are impacting our lives and helps them find renewed health and well-being through natural alternatives. We empower our neighbors to take their health into their own hands by being their own Best Advocate. 

Our organization is anti-drug and pro-natural health. We focus on the best solutions to our biggest problems. Momforce supports legal access to cannabis for medicine, food, utility, and as an alternative to more harmful substances. We stand for its responsible, respectful use and we educate about both the benefits and the risks using the latest science from our nation's most trusted sources. As cannabis becomes legal across the country, we have a watchful eye on how it is affecting our kids. The good news is just as we suspected when we got started: Regulation and education are breaking the cycle of addiction. States with legal cannabis have seen less teen drug use and less opioid use overall. 

Everything we had hoped and predicted is coming to fruition. These are exciting times, and we are very happy to keep reporting the good news to our neighbors in an effort to help them learn more about cannabis. While many of us understand the issue, there are many more who do not. 

As we teach, we also learn. We have been listening to hundreds if not thousands of your neighbors. They have taught us about commonly prescribed medicines and shown us the impact they have taken on their families. We will continue to reach out to lawmakers in an effort to help them learn more about our health and how they can help. We encourage all of our guests to become active and engaged by using the rights they have been bestowed.

MomForce AZ holds monthly classes and special events to help guide our neighbors through these changes and understand this very effective natural medicine. We have been honored to bring our discussion to the University of Arizona, Maricopa County College, Rio Salado, and the Recreations of Sun City where it has been called the "best and most meaningful class taken". 

We have been humbled to deliver this healing message to our neighbors these last five years. We have spoken with lawmakers and law enforcement because we believe we have a moral obligation to share this education with all who need it. We have been called to tell the emperor he wears no clothes, and we have answered. 

What's on the horizon? 

We plan to keep breaking stereotypes, changing lives, and educating our neighbors and we could surely use your help to fuel the mission. Your contributions help us help more people. We have shared some photos, but we cannot begin to tell you the amount of families who have and will benefit from more of this information. 

MomForce brings honest substance education to the doorsteps of those who need it the most by holding classes in public libraries, universities, community centers, and restaurants.  Partner with us to bring more honest drug education to Arizona by becoming a Sponsor, Member, or Donor today.

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Our Partners will be featured on our Resource Page as a reliable, professional resource for service, products, and education. 

There is no end to the good we can do together!

Many thanks for your kind consideration, 

Kathy Inman

Executive Director, MomForce AZ 

MomForce AZ is a 501c4 nonprofit organization. Donations are not tax-deductible.

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