Mom Healing Hearts: Disability & Support Campaign

Mom Healing Hearts: Disability & Support Campaign

From Sherriel Thomas

I created this fundraiser to generate support and awareness for those with special needs who are desiring to get the education, training, and support they need to live their life without limitations.

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In 2019, the founder/CEO of Mom Healing Hearts, Sherriel Thomas, was on her path to pursue her Elementary Music Education Degree in Daytona Beach, FL, and was stricken with a stroke, causing her to lose mobility, speech, and independency she enjoyed with her five children. 

Sherriel had been fighting for her health for years and was told nothing was wrong with her. After test, hospitalizations and even surgery in 2009, where she had an emergency C-Section, she was told she had heart failure. Speaking with doctors and requesting specialists to look into her condition, she was denied over and over. 

She continued on without realizing she would find herself later having a stroke in 2019. Prior to her stroke, she had surgery removing scar tissues from her 3 surgery to her abdominal section. At the surgery consulting, she made them aware that she was diagnosed with a heart condition. They told her no she didn't have anything wrong with her heart. They proceed with her surgery and in April 2019 she suffered a series of mini-strokes. She wasn't treated as such. They treated her as a psych patient and was diagnosed with a rare disease called "FND" or Functional Neurological Disorder. 

She had to stop her classes in college, had to learn how to live with an invisible disease. During the pandemic, she was unable to go into a facility as everything shut down. She now bared the weight of figuring in out life and how to function with a non-functional diagnosis. She sought out support as there were several attempts to get the care and support she need. This caused major trauma for her five children who lived with her as no one provided a support system for this very traumatic time in their lives.

Her children would become her caregivers and she would fight her way to learn how to speak, write, type, and many other things to gain her independence. She joined several community groups and did research and just wouldn't take no for an answer. In 2021, they decided to place her on hospice as no one would send her to a specialist once again they would only treat her as if it was in her head. The time they would place her on hospice. She is a full-time wheelchair user and has been suffering from debilitating symptoms that cause slurred speech, weakness in her limb, light sensitivity, and many other things. She knew that there was something more.

With no one to speak on her and the children's behalf hospice became her and her family's new life. She started on a path to ensure that there was a way to get people tools and resources they may need to continue life regardless of limitations on possiblilites.

After much prayer and fight, she was able to get discharged off hospice recently and now is left with many other challenges. 

She created the Mom Healing Hearts: Disablility & Support Campaign so she can bring awareness to the huge lack of advocacy for families with special needs for parents. She refused to be sent to a nursing facility as she has minor children and just because she has a disability do not mean her children deserve to be separated in order for her to receive the support she needs to be with them nor do they deserve to have to experience this situation alone.

She is on a mission to provide support for other families the same opportunity.

According to

 4.1 million parents with disabilities in the United States, roughly 6.2 percent of all American parents with children under the age of 18. The rates are even higher for some subgroups of this population.

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