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French chemist Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in 1893. Moissanite is named after the scientist's name. This rare crystal is silicon carbide. These crystals show many properties that are exactly like a real diamond, and they visualise the same. Many people will get confused and consider it a diamond after seeing it with the naked eye. This crystal is found in certain rare rocks of the earth. It is formed naturally inside the rock. After various testing, scientists came to believe this truth. Later 1998 moissanite jewellery started to be made from this crystal. People love this jewellery made out of crystals for its affordability and resemblance to diamonds. We have many collections of moissanite diamonds in our location. You can see them on our website, but we highly recommend you visit our place and see its beauty physically. We are happy to welcome you and help you.

Properties of moissanite:

Moissanite has got a higher refractive index than real diamonds, which made this crystal sparkle more than the diamond. The properties that make the light pass through it at a higher speed. In terms of hardness, it is close to a diamond. It scores 9.5 on the Mohs scale, whereas the diamond scores 10. We highly recommend you buy a gem that is incredibly hard and durable at a lower cost. This is very efficient for your budget too. It is ethically mined from the rocks. We are eagerly waiting for your visit to our location.

Difference between diamond vs moissanite:


Colour: Diamond exists in various exciting ranges of colour grades, from D (colourless) to Z (faint yellow). It is also found in fancy colours like blue, green, red, or pink etc.

Clarity: Diamond comes in an array of clarity grades from Flawless to I3 (visibly flawed).

Hardness: The hardest mineral on the Mohs Scale is diamond, and its score is 10.

Refractive Index: Diamond has refractive index equals to 2.42

Value: Diamonds hold their value. It is expected to receive 25% to 50% of the original purchase price.

Price: One-carat diamond cost over a thousand pounds.


Colour: Moissanite ranges from colourless to near colourless, and it has fancy colours like yellow and blue.

Clarity: Moissanite is found to be from flawless to nearly flawless.

Hardness: It has Mohs score equals to 9.25

Refractive Index: The refractive index score is 2.65 which is greater than diamond.

Value: Once it turns old, it has negligible value.

Price: One carat moissanite costs over a few hundred pounds.

Why Popular among people:

As we can see, moissanite is very close to diamond in terms of its properties. But it is very cheap compared to the cost. This is why people are loving this crystal as jewellery. It has been getting famous over time. We always keep various qualities and types of these materials. It has many colours in our collections. You should definitely come to our showroom and choose one for you. You will certainly like it, we promise you.


One carat moissanite costs over a hundred pounds, while diamond costs over a thousand pounds. A perfect size moissanite diamond is a must for your collections to grow. It will give you a much desirable experience. We are open to welcoming you to our place. Please visit our place, and we will provide many varieties of collections to select from.

We have posted various collections of jewellery made of diamond, moissanite gold etc. on our website. Since moissanite is getting popular, we have emphasised our effort to showcase different varieties of moissanite diamonds. Besides browsing our website, you should visit our place physically. We won't disappoint you. We have provided contact details too. You can call us too for further information. You can email us too. Moissanite diamonds are also very popular among people to give to their family and friends. In recent days people have chosen moissanite diamonds to give away in ceremonies like anniversaries, marriages, birthdays etc. You should also consider these beautiful diamonds for events like this. We will be happy to help you to choose the best materials for your needs.

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