The divide between the rich and the poor is the widest its been since independence. Poverty is wide spread with many surviving on less than $1 or even as little as one meal per day.

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ZAMBIA has changed but not for the greater good.

The divide between the rich and the poor is the widest its been since independence. Poverty is wide spread with many surviving on less than $1 or even as little as one meal per day.

The standard of living is low, with the minimum wage being over 50% below the food basket in the recent indication. Inflation is rampant with food prices increasing every week and the poor not only remaining poor but becoming poorer.

Tribalism, division and corruption seem to the norm and are displayed with impunity at the highest levels of country leadership and lastly but not least, governance has deteriorated to a level that only cadres are appointed in key government institutions.

The United Party For National Development (UPND), led by President Hakainde Hichilema is the best political party to help change the economic and social direction of the Zambian Nation and bring it back to its former glory.


The UPND, Zambia's largest opposition party for the last 20 years has been tried and tested by various prosecutions initiated by those in power. It is in fact, the main and longest surviving opposition party in Zambia.

Mr Hakainde Hichilema, a man with vast economics and management experience is a very successful and astute farmer and businessman. He is not a career politician and it is for this reason that we believe he is the right man for the job, the man for the job.

Having been jailed over 15 times on baseless crimes and harassed out of malice, he is a leader with tenacity, a leader with a love and passion for Zambians as he continues to speak and fight for the poor, young, old, disabled and marginalized citizens while preaching an inclusive, zero corruption economic reform, to raise the general standard of living for our people.

This is a Fundraiser for the PARTY MOBILISATION AND VOTE PROTECTION with the goal to ensure that we deliver Hakainde Hichilema into State House by assisting the party through grassroot mobilization and sensitization on the need to change then current regime and, to educate voters and protect the vote.

The Initiative is headed by 3 Admins - Nukiwe Rammala (South African), Joel Yombwe (Zambia) and Yatty Boakye (United Kingdom) in collaboration with the UPND National Youth Wing led by Gilbert Liswaniso and Polling Station Management Committee Chairlady Jane Phiri.

The Funds raised are aimed at assisting with RURAL MOBILISATION efforts for ward councilors and individuals who are passionate to go and hold meetings or to camp in these rural areas to mobilize for UPND as well as the EFFECTIVE MANAGMENT OF POLLING STATIONS to eliminate spoilt votes and rigging. .


1. Rural Mobilization Campaign packs for ward councilors made up of:-

- T-shirts, Chitenges (wrappers), Second hand clothes, Promotional bags. flyers, etc.

- Food to cook for villagers who walk kilometers to the meeting places, -Accommodation, Transport costs.

- Salt, Soap, Clothing items, - etc. to leave with the rural community.

2. Polling Station Management Activities which include amongst others:-

- Touring the country for polling station physical inspection.

- Voter and Polling Agents education

- Vote protection on the day of voting.


Please contact Media Director at Secretariat for clarity and further details where needed. 

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