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We equip vans of KAMAZ vehicles for mobile veterinary modules. This will allow you to quickly provide veterinary care to animals in trouble.

The "Tiger Center" receives animals that were forcibly removed from the wild, most often these are babies left without mothers and injured animals.Animals get into trouble in hard-to-reach places. They are found in loops, traps, wounded and emaciated. And many of them needemergency veterinary care on site.

Catching and examination of wild animals occurs with the use of anesthesia. Due to the long movement of the animal to the stationary veterinary center, it is necessary carry out additional immobilization. Often times, transport time and associated stress are critical to keeping the animal alive.

Purpose of collectionIn order to significantly increase the chance of survival of animals by reducing the time for taking samples and processing them, it was decided establish Mobile Veterinary Clinics for Wild Animals. Thanks to the collected funds, KAMAZ vehicles were purchased. Now the Center needs convert them into a veterinary module - build cages - overexposure, tables for examination and surgery, cabinets for storing equipment and medicines.

Fee amountTo complete the work on the internal re-equipment of vans, pay for the work of builders and purchase medicines, we need to collect the amount $120,000.

What will the money be spent on?:

Entrance door to the van with window and lock.Production of a stainless steel box for the transportation of an autonomous gas generator.Production and installation of doors between compartments.

Manufacture of an aluminum, folding operating table, adjustable in height.

Installation of a sink, installation of a tank, insert of a jellied mouth, connection of the pump, the mixer, pipes, discharge from a tank.Transfer of the air ducts of the autonomous heater of the van, installation of the air duct system in both compartments.Oxygen cylinder 11 g.LED lighting fixtures for the van 8 pcs.

LED lamp on a swivel arm to illuminate the operating table.Submersible pump for water supply.Production, installation of a rotary-folding tripod for fixing anesthesia.Stainless steel sink on a stainless base.

Production of a sleeping compartment for 4 people, metal frame two-tier folding sofas, production of utility lockers under the lower sofas, painting, sewing with moisture-resistant plywood, finishing, production and installation of a folding table, production of a hanger for things.

Materials for the manufacture of a metal hinged ramp for loading a van, sewn up with a corrugated aluminum sheet, with a hydraulic drive from twohydraulic cylinders, a 24V hydraulic pump with a remote control system, injection-molded power hinges with bronze bushings, a frame for a ramp, bracketshydraulic cylinders, hydraulic hoses, locks for fixing in transport position, remote ramp control panel.

Works on the manufacture and installation of the ramp, frame, brackets, installation of hydraulics.

The most enjoyable part of our work! When healthy animals can return home!We really want to help every animal in need. And timely assistance and treatment will significantly increase the chance of their survival!

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