The Mother's Monument Project

The Mother's Monument Project

From Matt Stearmer

Help us build the first in a series of public memorials to honor women who have died due to childbirth related causes and those who work to save them.

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Monument Overview

In our video we are going to share with you Angela’s story. If you were a mother faced with this impossible situation what would go through your mind? When you first realize that life is slipping away what is the last thing that you would want to embrace? If you could look back on the life you are leaving behind what would capture your imagination and give you peace? What would you expect of those who are left behind?

Do we remember these women?

Their individual families never forget, but as a country and across the globe there has been a collective forgetting. Here in the United States maternal deaths have actually tripled over the last 30 years. To put this into perspective, more women have died in childbirth (11,000) since 2001 than soldiers (7,000) have laid down their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is time to start remembering them again.

We are asking for your help to build the first ever international memorial to honor all women who have died due to child birth related causes and those who have worked so hard to reduce these risks. Please help us remember them.

1 – Choose a donation level above and contribute to the campaign. We appreciate your generous donation!

2 – Post this website to your social media page and invite others to join with us.

3 – Please visit for more details on maternal mortality and ways you can help make the world safer for childbirth. 


Why me?

We have already presented Mother's Monument to several potential partners. One critical request that they had for us to show that there was strong public support for the monument. Your support on social media and your donation will validate the need for the monument. Your donation will get the building process started. 

Why a monument?

In short, because the problem is bigger than a shortfall in resources. 

Every country with low or rapidly falling death rates has an established national action plan. Whether you know it or not you are part of the solution in more ways that you can imagine. The more engaged we become as a country to address this issue the more effective our efforts will become. 

Public memorials draw attention to causes, values and hopes and they help teach us how to respond. Across the globe, our cities, parks, and museums are covered with paintings and monuments erected to honor the courage and sacrifice of soldiers, civil rights and political leaders, but there is nothing to honor those that have given birth to nations.

1. Help families heal: Families will be able to share stories of the lives that have been lost. Donations can be made in their name to honor those whom we've lost from our community.

2. Promote awareness: As a public memorial the central goal is to help each visitor to connect with the loss, understand the cost, and commit to action. Everyone can make a difference.

3. Enable action & partnerships: As each visitor to the memorial and websites becomes more aware of the challenges that contribute to this loss, we hope they will be prompted to action. We have established several partnership with organizations here in the United States and around the globe that visitors can connect with and donate time, money or specialized skills to help directly reduce the risks.

The Mother’s Monument will stand as a symbol of balance in reflecting what is valued by society by broadening our definition of security and sacrifice.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The Mother's Monument Project is a subsidiary of the Mothers Legacy Project whose 501c3 number is 26-4232229. 

How big is it?

The women are 9' feet tall and the center stone columns are over 15'feet. The memorial will rise about 10 feet with two waterfalls.

What will it look like?

The finished monument design is in its final stage. As you enter the setting, the first statue, Last Embrace, begins to tell the story. This first statue communicates what would it feel like to have just one last moment to hold on to life and her child.

There are six stone columns in the center of the design approximately 15 ‘ in height. The stone columns have a dual meaning. Without any intervention approximately one in six women die in childbirth. There are also 6 primary preventable causes of maternal mortality that account for 90% of all deaths. One stone column is broken in two; symbolizing that some barriers are falling, but many women are still affected by them.

The second figure, Ascending, stands on part of the broken stone. From the top of other shattered column cascades an immense waterfall flowing down to the bottom level of the main monument structure. Visitors will walk under the waterfall and come to a reflecting pool where the last figure, The Call, stands to greet them.

Throughout the entire design the theme of the veil, symbolizing a separation between life and death, flows in and out of each piece. The veil will be constructed in stainless steel. In the final statue "The Call", the woman offers the veil to the visitor. We each now bear some responsibility to create a better world and work to remove these barriers. 

Where is it going to be?

Mother's Monument will be hosted in several locations. She will have many homes that will reflect the cultural diversity of all the women who die in childbirth around the globe. The first location will be determined by an international competition. 

When will it be built?

This is not enough to build the memorial, but the first $20,000 will pay for the creation of the design and modeling processes. The final plans will then be presented to several large funding agencies.  

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