Miss Major's Monthly Fundraising Circle

Miss Major's Monthly Fundraising Circle

From Friends of Miss Major

After Miss Major's 2019 stroke, donations go to continuing her rehab + her retirement fund, in addition to helping care for Asiah, the baby she and Beck had in January 2021. THANK YOU ALL!

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Friends of Miss Major posted a new update:
over 4 years ago

Update #4

Miss Major wants to thank EVERYone who has shown her kindness, through donations, cards, and messages online. Do what you can to stay healthy right now. She's continuing speech and physical therapy through Zoom, from the Oasis.

She also has a message for T&GNC people out there:

To my trans gurls, and my gender nonconforming family,

Now that my health is getting back to where it was before the stroke last summer, I want to know how YOU are doing. Because even if we're not "blood" relatives, I still consider you family.

When you have a chance to take a damn breath, send me a message to let me know that you're OK. If you need a minute to collect your thoughts, that's fine too. I just need you to know that I am thinking about you.

As Black trans women and gender nonconforming people we are the most resilient human beings on this earth. Once the people around us find that out, we turn into the mother, or grandmother, or older sister they need in that moment. It is what it is, but if we are going to take care of other people, we have GOT to remember to take care of ourselves first.

I will personally be reading every one of your messages, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.

SEND ✉️ to -> [email protected].

Be safe, stay strong, and we will get through this.

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Friends of Miss Major posted a new update:
almost 5 years ago

Update #3

To all of Major's gurls + her beloved community:

Thank you so much for all your donations and hard work pushing out the health care campaign for Major! Over the past month we raised just over 40k, which means we raced past our goal of 30k in 30 days! This will help to cover Major’s home health care needs for ~3 months!

Major finally returned to the Oasis on Monday and although she's not feeling 100% yet, she wants all y'all to know she is healing, and at home with Beck and Moose, and will reach out personally when she can.

As a result of the BIG love you've all shown, she can continue speech therapy at home on Thursday. All the monthly sustainers - we see + appreciate you!

Again, even if you can't put money toward the cause, you can still help by plugging this cause on social media. Keep up the vital work you're doing to helping take care of somebody we love and need in this world!

With extra gratitude,
Major's family, friends, comrades and allies

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Friends of Miss Major posted a new update:
almost 5 years ago

Update #2

In early July 2019, Miss Major survived a stroke. She has been touched by the outpouring of community care: All of the prayers and prayer vigils, handwritten cards, fundraising events, donations (money, gifts, and time) and especially the ongoing work that trans people do to come together to take care of each other in her spirit—have been powerful support for her healing.

Still, the truth is that Miss Major now faces steep challenges both physically and financially. Major is on the path to recovery, but needs constant medical assistance—care that her new home state, Arkansas, does not provide.

We know the system needs to change. All of us should get the care we need. But right now, Miss Major needs us. We are writing in the hope that you can keep her safe and comfortable as she has made our trans community strong.

Miss Major just came home from a month in the hospital and a medical rehabilitation facility, and now needs $30,000 for in-home medical assistance in these next two months alone.

Today we are using this #MondayForMissMajor to kick off a #30Days30k fundraising push.

We are upping the goal for her online fundraiser on Fundly to $200K to help support Miss Major’s care, health and safety, but this #30Days30k campaign is for immediate needs.The community came through in a big way after we re-launched Miss Major's Circle of Care last fall: Over nine months, we raised $55,000—enough to meet Miss Major's basic monthly needs, and make her one of many people who helped to purchase a home that is being renovated into a permanent community retreat center, the House of GG Oasis, where she and others will train up future TLGB movement leaders.

Since her stroke in early July (including recurring monthly donations) we have raised just over $20,000. To ensure your donation goes directly to Miss Major, please give to this Fundly account. If you can, please become a MONTHLY donor at whatever level you can—$10, $25, $50, or more!

After that, will you join us by directly asking 5 individuals to make a 1 time gift, $5 to $50,000? Each contribution is meaningful and helps secure Miss Major’s safety and well being. Seriously.Make a list of 10 folks who you could ask and ask the 5 you think are most likely to say yes. Think about an amount you’d feel like they could say yes to, add some on top of it, and ask them if you can talk about Miss Major and the fundraising that is happening for her health needs.Talk about her, about her more than 50 years of ongoing leadership and work for trans safety and power, and then ask if they will join you in supporting her in getting her medical needs met. Ask for the specific amount and wait until they react or respond. Ideally ask privately, or in a setting where it feels respectful and not showy, on the spot, or a call out. Please honestly and earnestly invite some into this collaborative community of care for Miss Major.

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Friends of Miss Major posted a new update:
about 5 years ago

Update #1

July 7 - Miss Major is now out of the ICU! However, she faces a potentially long recovery, so help with medical bills and after-care is needed and appreciated!
xo, Friends and family of Major

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