Mission House

Mission House

From Micaela Souza

I'm raising money for the ministry God has placed in our hearts. The purpose is to enhance God's kingdom and share His love with whomever He places in our path.

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Hello Brothers and Sisters!

How are you?

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Our names are Micaela & Melina, We are best friends from Pennsylvania who knew God had a purpose for a friendship the moment we met at

work 5 years ago. Little did we know the things He had in store for us. He has taken each of us through quite a lot while we have been friends. Micaela's Story- When I was 28 years old, God started revealing His purpose for my life. It started with going to Lancaster Bible College to get a

Biblical Counseling degree. While I was at LBC, I was involved in a car accident that lead to a TBI. I started failing my online classes and I came to

a point where I needed to decide whether I needed to quit school or not. I decided to start driving weekly from Pittsburgh to Lancaster to see if the

on-campus learning environment was better for me. Thankfully, I started passing my classes again, so I decided to make the move to Lancaster to

finish on-campus. God really has a sense of humor because shortly after I move here, Covid19 happened and our classes moved to virtual classes.

By the grace of God, I am still passing my classes, with a little more complication, but passing them none-the-less!

Now, at 34, I never expected for the Lancaster to be the place where God wanted me to be. He has made it evident that this is the location for the

dreams He has placed in my heart.

I have always wanted to start my own business and I never truly understood why. Eventually, the dream of owning a coffee shop became clearer. I

have also envisioned that I would own a house, with a house in the back where people could live during their time of need. I thought the order

would be to start with the coffee shop and then purchase the home, but He has shown me that the house is the first step with the Altered Brew Café

coming shortly afterwards.

Quarantine has been a time of revelation and preparation! I’m a student who has been laid off twice in the past two years, working on my credit

because the car accident left me in a financial situation, with no assets in my name. While in the eyes of a human, this is completely impossible

and not the right time for these dreams to become a reality, God said otherwise. He has been setting us up for what is next.

Melina's Story-My relationship with God began right after I graduated high school. I had just started community college and was working full time

at Target (where I met Mica). But, I was in a living situation where my life was not able to be lived for God, and I knew that if I wanted to pursue

Him and live that out I needed to move out of my parents home. With that and a lot of prayer, He so graciously gave me my first place to stay. He

allowed me to grow in Him while living as a house guest to many. The fall after I moved out, I transferred colleges and started at Point Park

University for a degree in Stage Management. That fall I was also diagnosis with lyme disease. This came with many trials, but also many

valuable lessons. God taught me and continues to teach me so much. I have since then grown in my faith, grown in myself, and been truly blessed

by all He has done to show me just what He has planned for me. I have been able to live in a another state, graduate from college, have a job right

out of college and truly be right where I knwo He wants me to be. It wasn't until quarantine that I realized that the dreams I had and the gifts He

has given me coincided with Mica's dreams.

After my first year at Point Park University, Mica and I became roommates. Both of us had a desire for people to feel welcome in our home, and

feel our home was their home, and to know that it was ultimately God's home. We would make it a point to invite people over, allow people to stay

if they needed, and God even gave us a few extra roommates in certain seasons. This was all preparation for what He had for the future and we

didn't even know it. We are writing to you because God put you on our hearts when praying for what the next step of preparation is for our ministry. It does not have

an official name yet, but we know that will be revealed to us soon.

The ministry that God has placed on our hearts is to have a home where people in need can stay with us during a season in their lives. We want

to create an atmosphere where they feel like they have their own space, a support system, and ultimately be shown God's Love. We believe this

space will be used to disciple believers and non believers. We see their time there as a time of equipping and maturing for what God has planned for

them. We are excited to invite you into fervent prayer for this home. This dream that God has given us is beyond our reach, and we have been praying

for what the next step is. We know that when God reveals a purpose, He also equips, and uses others to help build a ministry for His kingdom.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for joining us in prayer!

Blessings, Melina O'Donnell & Micaela Souza

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