Mission Accountability - Anti-bullying & Mental Health

Mission Accountability - Anti-bullying & Mental Health

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I am raising money for spreading awareness of mental health through media such as short/feature films and recorded discussions; specifically focusing on different levels of bullying as well as suicide prevention.

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The main focus of the is campaign is to hold ourselves accountable to spread awareness of mental health, specifically focusing on different levels of bullying as well as suicide prevention. 

Mission Accountability’s purpose is to spread awareness through media forms such as short films, featured films, and open discussion similar to podcasting. These methods are shown to work way effectively reaching all walks of life.

What makes choosing this approach style of spreading awareness is to have everyday people feel close to exactly what victims are going through. The reason why people becomes involved because of the ability to sympathize. And as humans we should be able to relate to each other. Having people see and hear victims stories as if they are the victim themself. In that way it would be hard for those that need help to be ignored. When victims do not have the will to reach for help, when they are silenced, or feel isolated, you can have that compassion to reach a hand and be there in a way they may personally need.

This mission is important because mostly adults never had these type of open discussions when they were younger, instead they just had to deal with with problems and their traumas “the best way they can. As everyday people have to grow form these issues and we have to cope with them as well. In some ways people cope better than others. Having an open space were we can be able to learn from our selfs, learn from each other’s stories, depending on the topics developed this project to be an open discussion for children in pre-kindergarten to adulthood to make aware of such issues and conflicts. Bullying and mental health starts at the home. Through our stories and experiences we can learn and develop coping mechanisms.

If you do choose to be involved, please do not let your support go to waste the moment that you support our campaign. I challenge you to reach out to another person so they can be able to support as well, because if you are the only person that’s support we don’t move anywhere. However, when you do support, you tell a friend, and they support then they tell a friend. That way your initial support to the campaign does not go to waste, it actually evolves because you’re moving with a forward progress. Please challenge someone else in your company, department, school, franchise, club, and organization.

For more information my email is [email protected]

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