Losing is not an option- Traumatic Brain Injury

Losing is not an option- Traumatic Brain Injury

From Valerie Jean

Help me raise money to get my mom the medical care she needs. Due to a fall she suffered severe brain damage, a subdural hematoma, & craniotomy. Is currently in vegatative state.

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On April 9th, 2019 my mom fell down a flight of stairs leading into our garage. We discovered her unconscious and bleeding badly from the head. We called 911 and she was rushed to a nearby trauma hospital where she had to have her head Staples and stitched shut. When I arrived at the hospital the operating doctor was just finishing up and informed me of her condition. The prognosis was not good and survival was very unlikely. She suffers severe irreversible brain damage to her left brain. The trauma was so severe shortly after her arrival emergency surgery was given and a craniotomy was performed as she has a subdural hematoma and severe swelling of her brain. As well as a blood clot. The pressure was life threatening so they had to temporarily remove a part of her skull in order to prevent immediate brain death. She stayed in the ICU for 3 weeks and was then transfered to an acute care facility where she was nursed and cared for until she was stable. She then had a tracheostomy and feeding tube inserted and then transfered to the first nursing home and rehab center with a vacant bed and is currently in a vegatative state.  My grandparents and myself, spouse and my 12 year old son are in constant rotation taking shifts by her side in hopes of some signs of hope, however were afraid she isn't receiving the care and attention she so desperately needs to survive this and her insurance only covers another 70 days before we will need to pay out of pocket for her to continue to reside and maintain the minimal care she's receiving. My goal is to raise enough money to get her into the proper rehabilitation residence where she will be able to receive the care she requires and recover from this traumatic nightmare.  My mom is a breast cancer survivor and the most incredible people I know. I'm a only child and she and I are extremely close. She is my best friend and my heart breaks for her each day goes by. She is a grandmother, and daughter and is very special to all of us. So I ask , please help us raise the money and awarenesses for traumatic brain injury victims.

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