Ministry for God's Children gone astray

Ministry for God's Children gone astray

From Anthony Nayagan

On 02/05/22, we launch our weekly online event of the Ministry. It is a spirituality-oriented Prayer service, targeted at those who've left the Church. We need $25k in Angel Donations, per event for nationwide promotions

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Short Summary

The Ministry of “’Remember me?’ asks Jesus Christ “approaches every person who’ve, unfortunately, left the Church. It's important for us as followers of Christ, that we try our best not only find the lost sheep but also be loyal stewards by bringing them back to Jesus where they belong.

Yet, there's more than 100 million Americans who have left the Church. We cannot allow them to slip away overlooked and unnoticed. So please pray for these lost souls. If it is possible, help the Ministry of “Remember me? asks Jesus Christ” by offering Angel Donations!

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About the Minister

I am Anthony Nayagan, the author of Supreme Realization, A Journey into the depths of Conscious Energy. It is a memoir about how I personally evolved from a total mess to a spiritually enlightened being with lasting peace. It is a 5-star reviewed book.

I was born in Sri Lanka in the 1953, and in 1979, immigrated to the US. I left the Catholic Church in my early twenties to explore other religious traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. I studied various sacred scriptures of other religions. However, the more I reflected on other religions, the more the Bible made sense to me. 

17 years ago, when I divorced my Hindu wife to whom I had been married for twenty-one years, it felt like the end of everything - a life falling apart. After the divorce, I suffered great losses, became very sick, and homeless. Afterward all that remained were regret, shame, and an indescribable pain from running away from the Church to practice other religions.

My memoir is about how I was evolving spiritually, guided by the Wisdom of God. During my writing, God healed all my sickness, regret, shame, and pain. He helped me to learn effective prayer, contemplation and meditation. Most of all God blessed me with bliss, joy and personal enlightenment. I wrote in this memoir, “My life experiences did not defeat me. Instead, they made me stronger in the joy of gratefulness.”

The campaign and why it's important to me.

Before writing, He revealed His providence that I must serve the people who leave the Church, as I had done before. I wanted to meet these people and interview them for book research. Since the subject matter was sensitive and deeply personal, I could not conduct conventional interviews. So, I drove for Uber in which I had a captured audience who were willing to talk to prevent nervousness of having been locked up in a car with a stranger.

The people who left the Church, I interviewed, were not faithless-recalcitrants as the Church often describes. They are thoughtful men and women who continued to remain faithful to Christ. Almost all of them were seeking what they describe as a spiritual connection with Jesus. Many of them, because of their sexuality or adopted lifestyles, were overwhelmed by the moral impositions of the Church. I only had 2% of my interviewers who were seemingly affected by the abuse of power and sex scandals. All of them were looking for a way to spiritually connecting with Jesus.

My Passion

Spirituality has everything to do with the commandment of Jesus. He said, "’You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.' This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments hang all the laws and the prophets."

When we look at this commandment in reverse order; Jesus tells us to start with ourselves and work our way out. It's not an easy journey, but it can lead us towards a more fulfilling life where love flows freely -- love for self-first; then neighbor as oneself; finally, God almighty! 

I must begin my ministry by coaching people on how to fall madly in love with themselves. Then I will mentor them, so that they can unfold and allow others the chance of loving them as well. From here it's only a matter of time before each person radiates Self-love like never before! Then the commandment of love would naturally evolve and enlighten all of us. 

Our Message

“Spiritual Living.” All of us are called to live a spiritual life in Christ, rooted in the Wisdom of God. 

Our Mission

To Coach and personally Mentor our members in Self-love, Self-realization and spiritual enlightenment so that all of us can live a life in Christ. 

Our Vision

As more and more people realize the in-abiding presence of God, and enlighten themselves in the Wisdom of God, life in this world for all beings will transform itself from chaos to Kingdom-living on Earth -- a loving space for those who believe in love. 


On Sunday, February 6, 2022, we will launch our weekly online event of the Ministry. It is a spirituality-oriented Prayer and Worship service, targeted at those who do not see eye-to-eye with the Church. 

This program is delivered worldwide on a Video Conference platform, in which interactions and closed- captioning in more than 200 languages are made possible. Everyone is invited and the program will also go live on YouTube and Facebook where the admission is free. 

Angel Donations

I personally appeal to you to consider being an Angel Donor, and kindly donate whatever you’re inspired to give, which will help us launch this important Ministry of Jesus Christ. Small Angel Donations are just as appreciated. 

The magnitude of what Angel Donors will help us achieve.

During the days of interviewing lost sheep, what I found in common was that they daily deal with extraordinary pain of separation from God. This kind of feeling can't be related to any perceptions one has undergone in ordinary circumstances. 

The prospect of death is terrifying, but it also creates a sense fear in people. It's because after they die there will be nothing left to change or reverse. And this causes an immense amount if anguish that leads one into darkness where hope becomes impossible. I must admit that I had also experienced such pain in my life.

My ministry is to personally reach out to the lost sheep, as many as possible, to lend them a shoulder to cry on. Spirituality is not exclusive to righteous souls. It is a calling to everyone -- especially someone as lost as I was. It was God’s faithfulness that brought me back; and I could earnestly testify that His faithfulness and confidence on these children are not tainted by any of their deeds. He unconditionally loves them, and He will save them. My mission is to convince them of God’s love, mercy, and hopefulness in all of His children. 

What We Need 

To begin, the Ministry needs up to $25,000 of Angel Donations, for each of these events. 

Applications of these Angel Donations would apply to general administration, production, and social media promotions to invite a global audience for each event. 

We require $300,000 in Angel Donations to carry us through the end of April 2022. 

What Angel Donors Get

Mindful of the abundance we receive from the hands of our friends and Angel Donors, the Ministry of “Remember me? asks Jesus Christ” are filled with joyful gratitude. We give thanks for countless blessings received and rejoiced that, by their gifts, our Angel Donors share in the fruits of this ministry. Through the generous gifts of our Angel Donors, we will be able to fulfill our goals in reaching out to the lost sheep. Thus, in thanksgiving for the sacrifices and contributions offered by you, we offer our most precious gift: our prayers. “To whom much is given, much is expected” (Luke 12:48). As a ministry, we consider it our privilege and obligation to pray for you for blessings in infinite abundance. 

In addition to our gratefulness and prayers, every Angel Donor will receive an autographed Hard-cover copy of Supreme Realization.

Where the funds go if we don't reach our entire goal?

Our sole purpose of the ministry is to reach out to every lost sheep, develop trust and confidence by forming a loving personal relationship with them, and introduce spirituality as a way to connect with Jesus.  Let the light of enlightenment take effect and do the transformations in their life as intended by God. No-one who encounters Jesus could ever remain the same. 

Whatever amount we receive as Angel Donations will be applied to this important ministry as guided by the Holy Spirit and the Board of Trustees of this non-profit organization.

Risks & Challenges

Beyond April, we are prayerful that membership subscriptions and member-donations would increase as our reach through promotions in social media, and referrals would grow. We are also working on other institutional donations that would raise to a level enough to keep us afloat.

If we do not reach such levels, we will have to scale down our attempts at global reach, even down to the levels of local reach. Albeit this ministry would be rigidly guided by the Holy Spirit and the Board of Trustees of this non-profit organization.

Other Ways You Can Help

We're so grateful that you are willing to help this ministry in this time of need. Your inspired monetary contribution means a lot, and we thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!But consider volunteering; organize local prayer/meditation groups and conduct regular gatherings; enroll as subscribers to various social media outlets of this ministry; routinely share and promote our postings within your own networks; organize regular online hangouts for this ministry; and perhaps organize local outreach events and invite Anthony to participate in your events. Importantly, let us know if you’re interested in joining us in our Advisory or Executive Boards.

These are also your offerings to God and this ministry.

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