Charity Property Fund

Charity Property Fund

From BlissPaths Spiritual Center

We are raising money for property with a building and land to serve as the spiritual center and administration building (sanctuary and office area for services), and to start "Bliss Haven for the Homeless" community.

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almost 2 years ago

The new home website at is well on it's way to being finished - a totally responsive site for all devices! When the site is published, a notification will be posted here.

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We are non-denominational - all faiths are welcome and loved. 

More and more, there are seekers that need help with relationships, plus adult abuse survivors, and many veterans seeking help with spiritual and P.T.S.D. related issues. It has become necessary to have a more private and larger space in which to better serve those seeking help. We also need to add more staff, at least on a part-time basis, to help more people and cover more needs of the community.

Besides helping individuals seeking help, we want to address the homeless situation in the Greater Cincinnati area. Many people are falling the through the cracks of eligibility for relocation and aid services that are currently in place, and many of those services are constantly strapped for funds and limited on who they can help. The result is people not qualifying for or receiving assistance when they  desperately need it. We plan to fill that gap by providing those people with a permanent address, and a community facility and food, where they can regroup and and have a safe place to stay. We will help with them with acquiring assistance from structured programs, help with basic computer skills (if needed), and assist them in finding work and permanent housing. We, of course, will tend to any spiritual needs they may have while staying at the community.

Your advanced donation can help achieve the goal for a new building and property where not only the provision of current services will be much better, but will also enable expansion to offer new services to the community. It is planned to dedicate a small sanctuary area for prayer and meditation purposes, which is not available now, along with office and living areas for our on-site help and ministers.

These are our goals for additional services to be added, once a proper building with enough space and property has been acquired. All donations that exceed our primary goals will go towards the following list ... 

1. Build an area for and stock a food pantry for the needy.

2. start "Bliss Haven for the Homeless" tent and tiny home community: a homeless relocation community with long-term goals to reintegrate homeless back into the work force and a permanent home. The property will serve as an address with community facilities for laundry, cooking, bathing, and a common gathering place for meetings with a computer and media area.

3. offer basic computer training and other basic needs help to the homeless and jobless in the community.

4. Blisspaths Radio - a positive high-frequency music station that you can stream on any device to raise your personal vibrations every day, as well as programs and guest speakers to spark your personal spiritual evolution.

5. add additional staff, such as: a hypnotherapist, readers and mediums, Reiki healers, and other holistic practitioners on at least a part-time basis.

6. add Hot Stone and Chakra Crystal Therapy services to our holistic healing service offerings.

7. offer the sanctuary for low-to-moderate cost weddings, and provide pre-marital counseling to all couples who are wed by us.

8. a stock of items that are listed for sale in the soon-to-open Blisspaths Store (online)

No donation is too small. We do realize that some can only donate smaller amounts of 5, 10, 15 or 20 dollars - ALL are appreciated so much, and you will surely be blessed for it.

* This is a non-profit effort, and your charitable contribution is tax deductible. Choose one of our preset donation levels, or write in your own amount when clicking the Donation button.

Thank you ... Namaste'

BlissPaths Spiritual Center  A branch of Universal Ministries

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BlissPaths Spiritual Center posted a new update:
almost 2 years ago

Update #2

The new home website at is well on it's way to being finished - a totally responsive site for all devices! When the site is published, a notification will be posted here.

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