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Mind Of Gold

From Antonia Royal-Whitmore

Our mission is to provide inclusive material to help live a happy life and increase self love. Funds will go toward expenses for our first children's book "You Are" and our first card game "Elephants In The Room"

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M.O.G was created to shift and uncondition our mindset, perception, and perspective. Because the mind is one of the most important organs in the body, we believe the mind is the core to a healthier, happier, prosperous life. As an observation, we've notice many people are unhappy and aren't living the lives once imagined due to pressure from society, unhealthy behaviors, and toxic cycles, just to name a few influences. M.O.G's vision is to create a proactive mindset where unhealthy cycles  and conformity are not familiar in our everyday life. We take pride in creating an innovative and entertaining approach to cultivate and inform others. Mind Of Golds introduces fundamental approaches that initiate the first steps to releasing unhealthy thinking, toxic cycles, and unrealistic societal expectations which can potentially produce a life of freedom and optimism. Our original content, material, and products include but not limited to:

-Written content: blogs, short stories etc.

- Games

- Book

Our mission is to provide inclusive material, products, and tools to address hindering thought, behaviors, and toxic cycles that prevent progression in life and  in return begin to create a life of freedom, happiness, and intention.

We believe, despite any circumstances or adversities, anyone that puts effort in unlearning traditional and or unhealthy behaviors/thoughts will start to live a fulfilled life. We believe conformity is a big influence on the quality of life an individual lives and their happiness as a whole. We try to provide effective tips and tool to help distance from the familiar conformity that's presented in our daily life.

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