Mila’s family Recovery and Memorial fund

Mila’s family Recovery and Memorial fund

From Milena Nikolova

My father’s hospice care and funeral costs. Additional costs for taking care of three women (medical expenses) in our family - my mother (cancer), my sister (cancer) and my husband's mother (acute kidney failure).

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Hello everyone!

My name is Milena Nikolova, and I started this GoFundMe campaign because I have no other choice. I have never asked for help before. I never dared to share my family’s tragedy with people I was unfamiliar with. But now I need your help because I do not know how to support my family further.

For seven years we with my husband have been struggling to support and take care of our family: my parents, my sister and his mother. It started in 2016 when we were planning to relocate to the USA as we won the Green card lottery.

For the next several years, all my relatives got severe illnesses:

My Mother had a 2nd stage breast cancer in 2016. I was the one to organize her surgery, chemo-, and radiation therapy and take care of her during the long process of recovery, which took nearly a year;

My sister had 4th stage Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2017; the whole process of three rounds of chemotherapy, autologous transplantation and recovery took nearly two years;

My husband’s mother got acute kidney failure after diabetes drug poisoning in 2019. She spent three weeks in a coma and needed six months to recover so that she could start to take care of herself without my help.

During all this time, the only person who was able to work was my husband. Yes, we did relocate to the United States. However, I had to fly every 4-5 months back to my native country and take care of our family while leaving him alone in California. Needless to say, stress, efforts and expenses were extremely high, we could hardly survive all these years. But we kept trusting in a better future for all of us despite the pandemics and the fact that my husband lost his job, so he rented a car and started driving for Uber to make ends meet for all of us.

Just before Christmas of 2021 my father got a stroke. He was treated in a hospital for several weeks and it seemed that he reached more or less stable condition. In June 2022 he fell and broke his hip. He had a surgery for a hip replacement and immediately after that he got another stroke. We found a place in a hospice with a very good level of service and care. He spent two months there.

I had to leave my father two weeks ago and fly back to California because my husband got Covid and his condition was very serious. He is still recovering and at this point, he can not work. I got infected too and my Covid test is positive.

My beloved father passed away last night, being just 69 years old and just two months before his and my mother’s golden anniversary. He was an optimist, he believed that he could recover. So did we. Both of us can not fly for the funeral because we are still ill. We can not even afford to do this now or later when we recover. I do not know when my husband will be able to return to the road…our budget is totally blown up because of all these years of flying across the ocean, paying for doctors, treatment and medicines. We do not know how to cope with this further. Now when even we got ill, we lost our hope.

We need to cover my father’s hospice care and funeral costs. We have additional costs incurred from previous years that we were taking care of three women (medical expenses, caretakers, wheelchairs, loss of income) in our family and need to provide ongoing support for all of them and pay for our mortgage too. Additionally, we have to take care of two 10-years old boys, my nephews, whose mother still needs help as she can not work at 100%.

Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you for your good hearts, ongoing support and love!

God bless you!


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