MIC Building Acquisition Project

MIC Building Acquisition Project

From Madina Islamic Center

MIC will purchase a new facility to accommodate our growing community insha'Allah. This new facility will cost us $2.6 million; however, an $800k downpayment will permit us to move in and negotiate a payment plan.

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Madina Masjid, located in Northern Salt Lake, is situated in an ideal location surrounded by many Muslims and an every increasing refugee population. We offer the five daily prayers, Friday prayer, weekly gatherings consisting of lectures and other social events, as well as youth activities and conferences. Our Sunday school boasts over one hundred students, and our congregational prayers are overfilling with Muslims from all over the world. Alhamdulillah, we are currently running out of space in trying to accommodate the members of our congregation. Our students are overcrowding the Masjid, and the Friday prayer is bursting at the seams with people. Although this is a beautiful sign that our community is active and participating in their duties as Muslims, it does pose a problem in that we will soon run out of space for the Muslims in our Masjid. We are in dire need of finding a more suitable location to accommodate our ever-growing community.The majority of our community members are refugees, and our overall affluence level amongst the attendees can be ranked in the low-income bracket. This is the main hindrance to our hopes of purchasing a large facility to serve as our Masjid. The other issue is that the current location we are using as our Masjid is on a rent only basis. We have been paying this rent for over ten years now, yet our ability to save funds for a future purchase of a building is currently at a standstill.

MIC New Building Project 

The project we have put together, and are asking for your generous help and donations, is in the same area as the current building we are using. This new facility will cost us $2.6 million; however, we have worked out a payment plan with the landlord as follows; we are to put down $800,000 to initiate the purchasing process, after which we will pay a monthly amount.

This new facility is rather large, over 28,000 square feet. We will be able to designate an area to serve as the Masjid, a space to serve as a K-12 school, and an area to serve as the social hall for the community. This will become the hub for Muslims not only in the North Salt Lake City area but also in the surrounding areas as well. We ask Allah to bless you and your loved ones in innumerable ways for your generous donations and assistance in our endeavors to expand and grow as a Muslim community here in Utah. JazakAllahKheir.Madina Masjid is a nonprofit 501c3 organization. For our tax ID number and other documents, please feel free to contact us.

Madina Islamic Center

1773 West North Temple Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA


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