Methods of consuming cannabis concentrates

Methods of consuming cannabis concentrates

From Mathew Philip

The moon rocks should not be ground but should be consumed by breaking off some little pieces and going ahead to break them.

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As you plan to get the surrey concentrates, you will need to know how you will consume them. There are various ways of consuming concentrates, how there are various methods of consuming the cannabis flower. Get to know some of them listed below.

In a pipe/bowl/joint

Most users of concentrates enjoy having to add little hash balls, kief or extracts to joints. It is what is referred to as t-waxing. Some users smoke concentrates in a bong, without or with the flower. Other users prefer the moon rocks by taking the cannabis bud, then rolling it in oil, and then using kief to butter it. The moon rocks should not be ground but should be consumed by breaking off some little pieces and going ahead to break them.

It is also possible to smoke concentrates by using a pipe that is specialized or a hash pipe. Despite what the name suggests, lines are sometimes utilized with extracts such as BHO. When you have a hash pipe, you will require a lighter and a screen, and that is it.

While it might be similar to the traditional pipes, the hash pipes are slightly a bit heat resistant because they have to reach a temperature that is higher so that the concentrates vaporizes appropriately. They can be constructed from various materials, including metal, wood, acrylic, glass, and soapstone.

The traditional hash pipes used in the Middle East and India's style are more elaborate and carvings. Due to the low price, the hash pipes tend to great as a midpoint between dabbing and t-waxing while still allowing users to be able to get that good feeling for the unique effects and flavors of the concentrates, without the need for an added hassle and cost of using/buying a dab or vape rig.


The cannabis tinctures are typically infused with alcohol with cannabis. Tinctures tend to be popular for medicinal use for medicinal use as they are descrete, allowing for precise dosing. In medical efficiency, the tinctures gain by sacrificing fun, flavor, and sociability, and thus, they are not for everyone always.

If the tinctures decarboxylate your weed, you will tie it in a cheesecloth and then place it in a jar with your preferred alcohol. Allow it to stay for a few weeks, occasionally shaking it. Once it becomes ready, discard the cannabis flowers and cheesecloth and go ahead to enjoy your tinctures.

Another option is using what is known as the Master Wu Green Dragon. It is a method that involves the same steps like the tincture, but instead of the solution staying for weeks, you will soak the jar in warm bath water of  77°C for about 20 minutes. It is what will make the infusion to happen instantly.

If you have a tincture, you will require an amber glass bottle that has a medicine dropper. There are various ways in which you can consume the tincture. You can decide to add it to food or place a few drops under your tongue as it has major blood vessels with a fine layer of skin. When you expose them to cannabis, there will be an instant onset.

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