Merlin-Best (Sick) Cat in the World

Merlin-Best (Sick) Cat in the World

From Muslih b Smith

Merlin-Best (Sick) Cat in the World

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If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Merlin, you know that he is a shoe in for the title of “Best Cat in the World.” People fight to watch him and often threaten to keep him forever.He is know for his attentive “dog like” qualities and sunny disposition. He comes when called and lives for two things: food (more food) and cuddles with me. My friend Anna had rightly given him the nickname of “Cat Boyfriend” and this couldn’t be more true.Merlin is not feeling so hot right now, and what we hoped was a reaction to a temporary switch in food seems to be more sinister and serious. After a few days of appetite changes, lethargy, and disinterest, he briefly improved, then declined last night.Merlin’s trip to the ER comes right as I prepare to leave town (such is the life of a cat parent) and I wanted to see him improve before I leave. Thus far I have paid for:(6/18/18)- ER Fee- Blood and Urine labs- Shot for nausea and abdominal pain to allow eatingHis labs showed elevated bilirubin and white blood cell counts. They were concerned enough to require an ultrasound and possible hospitalization. Anticipated expenses:(6/20/18)- Ultrasound- Medication (to be determined by ultrasound)—Possible surgery or hospitalization.I am loathe to make such a request in the first place, but for a cat that has at least another 8 years of blessing the world with joy, I knew I needed to spread the word and ask all of Merlin’s friends, family, and fans to help support us during this difficult time. Things have been challenging this year, but I know we can all get through it. Especially Merlin. His sister Luna (Boonie) also appreciates your help with her brother and best friend.Thanks for everything,A scared (but ever hopeful) Melissa

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