M.E.O.W. , Making Every One Worthy, Feral Cat Lifeline

M.E.O.W. , Making Every One Worthy, Feral Cat Lifeline

From Jeffrey Palmieri

I plan on not only building the world's largest cat habitat/rehab/adoption/retirement sanctuary in the world but i plan on traveling with my group across the nation and helping convert their properties and build more.

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All my life I've been chosen by the universe  as a defender of feral cats. I've been called upon and trusted divinely on a regular basis to be their savior when no one else can or will. The innocent. The voiceless. The helpless. Kittens in the middle of the road, injured cats limping to me for help out of a bush as i walk by out of chance,  removing a body from the road and burying it what seems like every time i leave the house, starving feral cats allowing me to pet them in exchange for some food from my lunch...I even stop to catch and reunite every dog i see running wild, with their owners...the list goes on and on and many of you nod as you read this and i am honored to share that bond with you. Only you know and feel their pain.  But everybody knows of their troubles even if you're not in rescue. You see their mangled bodies in the road ...far too often having to explain to your children or hide it from them not to spoil their mood. No other animal suffers such fates. This my friends is our chance, their chance. I have always been there for them and i always will but my dreams are to solve this nationwide problem on a massive scale.  I have a dream...yes friends, I have a dream where one day these precious souls will be honored and cared for as they and all living things deserve. I dream of a world where cats are not dying and suffering terrible fates more times in a day than facebook can keep up with. Some fates these poor angels suffer is worse than death and my soul bleeds each time i see the destruction caused by a fellow human. It sickens me to be this species sometimes. and I will no longer stand back and watch this get worse by the day. I'm going to fix it ! We're going to fix it!

This got out of control because the shelter system has failed. Over and over again. Communities have worked hard and people have sacrificed more than anybody will ever know. But we are out numbered by cats and evil people in the world who torture them with firecrackers, sticks in their eyes, bb guns to the face 8 times, on and on. Somebody needs to do something HUGE and if celebrities and the wealthy won't, then that's where we come in. I say we because you are now a part of this magical and so necessary mission and together we will do something that will resonate through the ages. Finally we will give these beautiful and majestic animals once worshiped for their healing powers and sheer being, their rightful dignified place in the world as the loving companion and part of the world's peaceful side. Instead of being treated like a pest or worse. I plan on not only building the world's largest cat habitat in the world but i plan on traveling with my group across the nation and helping like minded convert their properties and build. Also helping them  organize ,fund, and operate. This be be a nationwide movement to finally end their suffering once and for all.

The past 10 years , I've work with numerous animal groups, volunteered at shelters, done more tnr than i can bare, rehabilitated ferals (my specialty and obsession) and rehomed them, and just about everything else you can think of...I'm a crazy cat man but crazy only in the sense that i m more dedicated than anybody i have ever met and I will stop at nothing to build the world's largest natural cat rehabilitation/retirement/sanctuary/adoption/center. I've been literally dreaming of this for years but lack financing to really do it.  As a 911 call taker, i used to have to deal with some of the most horrific situations and many involved animals, cats especially and seeing that suffering gave me extra drive.  I have all the drive necessary for this but i came from a no father household with a drug addict mother so  initial financing is my problem. I have never been arrested and my back ground is spotless, you can trust me friends. I was born to do this. I currently work for one of America's top financial institutions but I'm a low man on the totum pole. I started a reselling business in August of 2019 and after dumping every cent i have into it for months and working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, and running myself ragged, i realized, this is no problem and i can do this because the reselling business grossed over $3500 in sales and that's just me working on it 42 hours per week. It can grow to 6 figure in a matter of a few months. I'm also beginning to design and build cat castles and cat towers with revolutionary new air filtration for the built in litter box  space.  I'm also beginning to learn 3D printing and would like to pay a small team of less fortunate but good hearted people to run and develop since that seems to be a very big new market. I'd like to eventually start making organic cat toys and several other product ideas i have and others throughout the years have had. The idea is to provide a stable business income stream to fund and grow the project and that will be the difference between this important endeavor and others, the long term financing. I have also had numerous individuals tell me they would sign the paperwork today if i had it together where when their time comes, i will come pick up their cat and bring it back to rehab through the grief of losing it's owner and hopefully find a new furrever home to be happy but all cats will be welcome to stay as long as they like or their behavior dictates and a cat will never be pts unless medically the best thing to do. We will focus on solving the problems preventing people from having cats like the litter box  and many other ideas i have already begun working with overseas companies to get prototypes for like a gps tracker for your pet that recharges by movement like the fancy watches.  The more problems we solve, the more we can have a strong focus on adopting out as many as we can to good, well checked out furrever homes. With a mandatory back ground check and if possible, a home visit. I'm sorry but no cat leaves here unless we do a back ground and home check upon delivery of the cat to their home. This is not a  houseplant so every precaution will be taken in every single aspect and i will have an open door policy throughout where anybody and everybody can give advice, feedback, ides, anything they've got to give to this. I am currently learning from several of my wonderful friends who currently operate sanctuaries and they all tell me the same thing, you need  multiple streams of income so as not to rely on fundraisers.

I have allot of energy, motivation, and overall inspiration and I am well connected in the animal community which means lots of help but i do not want to call upon or rely on donations, at least not at first. 

$20,000 is what i'm asking because i will be contributing my own $10,000 which will be there to fill in the gaps as i get started.

I will use $10,000 of this to put down on property and use $5000 to convert it to a sanctuary with fencing and supplies. The other $5000 will be used to fund the cat castle and cat tower business. Tools and enough supplies to build several to give way to local shelters,  promotions, and in the grand opening raffles. The cat castles and towers will be built and sold much more affordably than current $100-$200 options and will be available with  25% down and $5 per month. I plan on having a number or products available for only $5 per month for those on low income.  Please message me with any questions or ideas.  Friends, I'm severely outnumbered and financially behind the eight ball to get started but with the world's help, your help, i will make this dream a life changing, world altering reality for those precious kitties in need. 

I have been planning this for years and it is what i was put here to do. I will also one day honor those who contribute to this beginning and you will always be welcome to come visit ans stay as long as you like. In addition, you'll also get lifetime 25% off anything in any of my online stores which soon will include all the cat products. Together we will be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Thank you for your time, prayers, and support.

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