Meow-Help: Support a cat sanctuary with 65+ rescues

Meow-Help: Support a cat sanctuary with 65+ rescues

From Pakinam Amer

I'm the caretaker of over 65 cats rescued from Cairo, Egypt, including special needs cases. I need your help covering my sanctuary's expenses; primarily cat food, litter, vet expenses, meds, and cleaning supplies.

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Hello -- my name is Pakinam Amer, and I'm the caretaker of over 65 cats rescued from Cairo, Egypt. I need your help covering basic expenses for the cats, such as food, and cat litter. The cats are entirely my responsibility, but sometimes I've had to rely on friends and friends of friends over the years to keep them healthy, warm, and sheltered, and to make ends meet. 

Because the number of cats is HUGE (these are the cats that were not adopted over the years, despite my efforts, or need special healthcare or have dietary restrictions), and because of COVID-19, it's become increasingly difficult -- almost impossible -- to do this on my own or entirely out of pocket as I used to do in the past. 

But I need your help right now to collect enough money to cover the following for the rest of the month:

  • Food (dry and wet food, and special dietary foods) for 65+ cats with varying needs.
  • Cat litter
  • Vet expenses, especially for cats with chronic conditions.
  • Cleaning supplies.

I'd greatly appreciate it if you can pass this link to friends and family if you can't contribute yourself. 

Since I'll be requiring help for as long as the cats are around, I will either update the goal to reflect arising needs or create new a fundraiser once a goal is met. I usually match all donations out of my own pocket and more -- typically what I manage to collect ends up being a fraction of the actual expenses that I need to cover on a monthly basis. 

The cats were previously sick, weak, injured, orphaned, dying, or with abusive owners when they were first rescued, so they've seen a lot of hardship in the past and they truly deserve a constant supply of love and care.

If you'd like to see pictures and videos of the cats and where they live, please feel free to follow @MistickaAndFriends on Instagram. It's a public account.

Thank you for your kindness! Please help me keep the sanctuary afloat and my cats well-fed and safe.





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