Different Types And A Different Size of Cooling Mattress Pad

Different Types And A Different Size of Cooling Mattress Pad

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If you are a person who recently decided to buy the cooling mattress pad, then for sure, you are reading this post because you are feeling very confused because of different types. Right? If this is the case, and you want to know more about different types plus sizes of cooling pads, then congrats you came at the right place. This in-detailed post is going to be all about the cooling mattress pads, and we will cover each of the types and what each type of pad is offering to you if you make a purchase decision in favor of it.

You are feeling confused about different cooling mattress pad types; then, you already know how a basic cooling mattress pad can help you. Right? If not, we want to let you know that these pads can absorb the body heat or excess heat and thus cool down the body temperature to offer a quality sleep to the user. If you have cleared your doubt about this type of pads, let's look at the different types that we are going to list below.

Different Types of Cooling Mattress Pads:

There are six different types of cooling mattress pads present in the market, and we are telling you all this based on material differences. Now let's dive a bit deeper to know about each of the types to clear every doubt.

Memory Foam:

If you have a memory foam mattress in your bedroom, then you may know that the memory foam mattress can react to the pressure and heat to change the shape as per the sleeper's body. Usually, people believe that the memory foam mattress causes the overheating issue at night. Yeah, it is true, but you can still choose the memory foam based cooling mattress pad, but keep in mind to select only those that come with a new style of open-cell memory foam, not the traditional one. And if you have a regular foam mattress, then the memory-foam cooling mattress pad will be the right choice for you because, in this way, you can make your regular mattress more comfortable with the properties of memory foam.

Gel Based:

You may have heard about the gel-infused mattresses; if yes is your answer, we want to let you know that there are some mattress toppers and pads also come with the same technology. Gel-infusion into the base material of a mattress can easily help you keep your body temperature cool the whole night. Also, keep in mind that there are many gel-based mattress toppers and cooling mattress pads present in the market that come with gel-infusion, but keep in mind that you should always keep an eye on the infusion technique that used by manufacturers.


Polyfoam is another commonly used type of material to make the mattresses comfortable but not like the memory foam ones. However, the memory foam can adjust it according to the shape of a sleeper, but in this situation, unfortunately, it automatically decreases the airflow around the body. And we know what the use of proper airflow is to keep the body temperature maintained. But this is not the case with the polyfoam material; however, if you choose the polyfoam-built cooling mattress pad, it can provide excellent airflow. But still, some users complain that it also retains a bit of heat.


Latex is a completely natural material, making the cooling mattress pads or mattress toppers very breathable. Talalay latex is the most commonly used type of material if we talk about cooling mattress pads because it is quite light and breathable.


Wool is another natural material that is quite common in the cooling mattress pads because it has next level properties that can help maintain overall body temperature. Basically, wool can keep the sweat and moisture away from the skin; this is how it can keep your body dry but cool.


Like wool material, cotton is another excellent example of natural fiber. If we talk about cotton usage in the cooling mattress pad, many people think it is not that effective. But yeah, the cotton material can be a great option if a person is primarily looking for enhancing the overall cushioning of his/her mattress.

Is There Any Size Difference Present Between Different Cooling Mattress Pads?

In case if you are looking for the answer to this question, then the short and sweet answer is yes, there are different size options present in the market. When you select a particular type of cooling mattress pad, so for sure, you will also get the size options. Many people suggest that you should only buy the mattress pad that fits perfectly as per your mattress size, where some others also say that you should go with a bit smaller variant. But in our suggestion, the choice is yours; you just need to decide which type of cooling mattress pad you are going with then after you can determine the size option as per your mattress's size.

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