Men’s Streetwear Jeans – Style Guide

Men’s Streetwear Jeans – Style Guide

From Mathew Philip

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No matter how many fabulous clothes we have, they are all in vain if we cannot style them properly. We could create excellent styles with normal clothes too if we know-how. Since the Men’s Streetwear Jeans are one of the best clothing trends, let's discuss their styling tips. 

Style Guide:

Did you ever think why some people fail to look good though jeans are one of the best outfits? Lack of proper knowledge it is. It isn’t like buying random jeans and wearing them. We need to know what suits us and what doesn’t. As we’ve already mentioned, denim jeans are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe; here are some tips related to Men’s Streetwear Jeans to present yourself better.

·         For Thin Men:

Low rise jeans with either slim or regular fit work the best for people with a flat chest and lightly built body. Doing so would coverup the lean legs and gives a perfect look. Likewise, it is best to avoid high-rise and bulky jeans. Try avoiding skinny fit as they might make you look leaner.

·         For Muscular Men:

Relaxed and regular fit jeans perfectly go with muscular men. It is best to avoid skinny and tight jeans as these would make them look bulky. Boot cut jeans also give heavy look for muscular men. 

·         For Men with large waist:

Loose fit jeans with wide legs and straight cuts are an excellent choice for plus size men. Relaxed fit jeans also go well for them. Boot cut or flared jeans give a heavy look so, it would be better to avoid them. Slim and skinny fit jeans aren’t an excellent choice as they cannot balance the whole look. 

·         For Athletes/ Sportsmen:

As they have a slim waist and muscular legs, low rise jeans with slim fit make an excellent choice. Boot cuts also look great on them. Wide-leg designs and regular fits wouldn’t suit these people. Baggy jeans aren’t a reasonable consideration as well.

·         For Men with wide hips:

These people need to look for jeans with equal width throughout. High-rise straight-leg jeans are one consideration. Relax fit jeans gives a balanced look. Try buying a size up so that your jeans wouldn’t stretch too much. Low rise jeans would fall off and create a mess. Tapered and skinny jeans also aren’t a reasonable choice here.

Additional Tips:

·         Dark blue jeans are an excellent addition to every man’s wardrobe as they can go with most outfits.

·         Start from the bottom, i.e., don’t forget the footwear you choose. Sneakers and loafers work well with most jeans. 

·         Try avoiding gym shoes with jeans as they wouldn’t go well most of the time.

·         Long overcoats can pretty much ruin the entire look. Try going in short jackets. All kinds of leather jackets perfectly match most jeans.

·         Not many people can pull off a jeans jacket with blue jeans. Think about it before doing so.

Looking good is everyone’s right. In fact, everyone looks great unless there’s a mismatch with the outfits. So, look great by keeping in mind what works for you!

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