Memorial Fund for Shelley Galbraith

Memorial Fund for Shelley Galbraith

From Cynanne Buttigieg

I am deeply saddened to hear that my dearest friend, Shelley Galbraith passed away this week, leaving behind 3 children Kaitlyn, Eric, and Rochelle. Any money donated will help them lay thier mom to rest. thank you

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~Shelley Galbraith~  A Mother, a Friend, a Sister, an will be sadly missed by your family and friends.    

Shelley Galbraith was a beautiful person inside and out.  She loved her children, and was an amazing mom.  She was more like a sister to me. We went through hard times together, and because we were together, we got through them. We also shared some of the bestest times two friends could ever have together.  When we laughed, we really laughed.  We loved to go camping, hiking, discovering water falls and caves.  Our daughters were bestfriends, so you can imagine the time we spent at eachothers homes...that is what made us FAMILY. 

SHELLEY was such a kind soul that when I was struggling to raise my own daughters as well as my 5 nieces and nephews, she watched me    pulling my hair out, refusing to ask for the help of Children's Aid Society, knowing they ruin children's lives and the children would all be separated, I just couldn't see that happen. Shelley had her own 3 children and offered to help me with the seven children I was with.  She had this way of making it look so easy. She ended up being a second mom to the children, and It has saddened me till today, that her OWN children did not want an extra 5 children in the house, and her children decided they wanted to live with dad.  I will never forgive myself for that happening, but Shelley was not going to let my neices and nephews go to foster homes, as she grew up in them herself.  I am forever grateful for her and her kind heart.  I am saddened though that her life may have been so much different if I had not been left responsible for an extra 5 children without any planning or preparation. It was Shelley that kept my neices and nephews together, because I didn't have the space nor the means to do it on my own.   She never got enough credit for that because it was my family, It was kept kind of hush  but I want the world to know,  that is the kind of person she was.  She always looked out for the best interest of the children, because she never had anyone do that for her in her life and the Children's Aid Society was not an option for any child. She firmly believed that being brought up in "the system."

Shelley loved to rearrange her house all the time, and omgoodness, so did I...we were a match made in heaven, because we would redecorate eachothers houses almost weekly.  All the kids must have been so confused, as the 2 houses were constantly looking different all the time.  

Shelley and I met on the school yard, our daughters being in the same class.  I believe Shelley asked me if I knew any family lawyers, and I told her who mine was, and it was hers as well.  Our lawyer said to us both, "if you want to keep your children, you must go to church."  Her and I both like minded, were not going to lose our children because we dont' go to church, but if it helps to keep them at home, so be it, we will go to church. Off we went, the two of us having not a clue anything about Church, and our kids loved it...we kept going to church ONLY because of how much the kids loved the OUTBACK!!!  That's what the kids Church group was named.  We were an instant family going through the same exhausting court battle and being harrassed by the children's aid society on a weekly basis.  If they weren't at my place, rest assured they would be at hers.  We basically lived under a microscope and got used to living like that.  How sad.  She was living with Matt, whom is Rochelle's Dad, and i grew very close to Matt...he was like my bro.  I consider him family still today.  When they did not work out, I think i took thier break up the hardest.  I just missed having my bro around.  Shelley very much loved him, but they both had their own issues to work out or maybe the compatability wasn't in favour of thier signs...I just hope Matt knows he was dear to her, and his family. Uncle Flynn and the girls.  

 I already miss her soo much, and her infectious smile. She was truely a diamond in the rough.  

 I love you Shelley, and miss you so much already. Forever in my heart, and prancing around in my memories.  We will forever climb chain linked fences, giggle so loud & think nobody can hear us.  Until we meet agiain, my best friend, my confidant, my sister.

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