Melissa's Fight To Survive

Melissa's Fight To Survive

From Melissa H

I am raising funds for medical bills, my chemo medications, and basic living expenses. Sometimes it comes down to choose between food, bills, co-pays, or medications. Please message for paypal or venmo if you choose.

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In November of 2019 I got sick and ended up in the hospital for a week.  While I was there it was discovered I had a small nodule on my thyroid.  I was between insurance and was not able to seek care until January of 2020.  I made an appointment with an endocrinologist and had some testing done.  My results came back in mid February that the thyroid nodule was in fact cancerous.  The plus side with thyroid cancer is it can go untreated for several years before it begins to spread, the downside is we do not know how long I had already had it.  I was scheduled to see an ENT surgeon in March to decide if the entire thyroid would be removed or just the mass.  Removing the entire organ means a pill for the rest of my life, no biggie.  However, the Coronavirus hit and the world came to a halt.  The governor would not allow doctors to see patients, or schedule any kind of surgery that was not immediate life threatening.  My appointments were rescheduled 6 times and I was not seen until June. 

     By the time I saw a doctor in June, the mass had grown and attached itself to my trachea.  This causes me to cough, and more often than not, choke on pretty much everything.  Because it is now on my trachea, it cannot just be removed.  I started chemotherapy pills in hopes of shrinking the mass so I can finally have it removed.  I took the pills for 6 months, depleting all of my unemployment funds I had saved from being out of work due to COVID. After the 6 months (November 2020) I was on my way to FINALLY being able to recover.  I went in for more scans and testing to make sure the mass was nice and small so it can be removed.  I had a panel of bloodwork done and was waiting...... 

     Then the oncologist called and said to come in right away.  There was some concerning bloodwork that came back and I needed a hematologist.  oh boy, another doctor.  I went to the hematologist and he re did the blood work 3 times and it all showed signs of myeloproliferative neoplasms, a rare and chronic form of leukemia.  Unlike leukemia, there is no cure for it and it has life long effects and lifelong medications.  By this time I have depleted all monies I had and I am in the worst depression I have ever been in.  I just had a bone marrow biopsy done in the hospital (yippee, more medical bills) and it is still a waiting game.  Thyroid surgery is off the table at this point as myeloproliferative neoplasms put me at a high risk for massive stroke, or bleeding out... it is not safe for them to remove anything.  My only hope right now is to continue my medication plan and try and keep afloat.  It is a losing battle.  I have never been one to ask for help, but I need help!  Please, if you can, any dollar helps.  If you are unable to help, please consider just sharing.  Thank you and I love you all. 

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