Meeting: Restore Protections for America's Wolves

Meeting: Restore Protections for America's Wolves

From Tammy T. Green

Mr President, I respectfully urge your administration to take responsibility for protecting wolves by swiftly reversing the Trump administration's actions.

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The recent Idaho Bill SB 1211 signed into law by Governor Brad Little within hours of passing the Senate, condemning 1300 Wolves to be slaughtered, as well a similar Bill in Montana for a further 900 Wolves killed, highlight the swift and dire need for restored protections for wolves. Without federal protections, wolf populations across the United States are destined to meet the same fate.

This slaughters are happening because the Trump administration delisted the gray wolf in late 2020, stripping vital Endangered Species Act protections and allowing states to declare open season for wolf hunting.

Another 216 wolves killed in Wisconsin last February within only 3 days— an estimated 20% of Wisconsin's wolf population —would still be contributing to their species' recovery but for that misguided rollback.

Wolves are crucial to the health of the ecosystems they occupy. After the government encouraged the extermination of wolves from Yellowstone in the 1920s, the deer and elk populations grew out of control. Swelling populations led to unsustainable grazing — which caused rampant soil erosion, the near disappearance of beavers, and population declines for antelope and foxes. The good news, for the country and for Yellowstone, is that when wolves were reintroduced in 1995, the ecosystem swiftly rebounded as wolves began to prey on deer and elk once more — which made room for all wildlife to flourish.

So I, the admin of site about reloading ammo, are ready to take away my best progressive reloading press and organize a meeting!

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