Doggie Wheelchair For Jay Sung

Doggie Wheelchair For Jay Sung

From Rhonda Iris

I'm raising money for my best furry friend, Jay Sung, to get a wheelchair. He is officially an elderly dog and ended up losing his left leg and now needs assistance getting around in his late stage.

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**Update - due to the tumor rupturing the vet had to amputate his left leg. His recovery has been a struggle but he made it through and with a great attitude. A wheelchair would greatly assist his mobility at this end stage of his life.** 

About 10 years ago I used to volunteer with Atlanta Humane Society on a monthly basis. One day I came in to say hi to a few people when I noticed Jay Sung was performing what looked like the moonwalk (backwards) in his crate. If this dog wanted my attention he sure got it. I was not looking to adopt a pet at that time but he stayed on my mind for the following two weeks. Volunteers informed me that he was rescued along with 40 other dogs and cats from a hoarding situation. He was merely a year and a half old at that time. He already was on his second round of heartworm treatments and when I took him in and had him evaluated discovered many other health issues that were happening. He had mange, hookworms and aggressive allergies. I never heard of a dog that was actually allergic to grass. Ever since he has been on daily allergy meds and I managed to get him doggie health insurance to assist with some of the vaccine requirements. Sadly, Summer 2022 he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and I then had an enlarged tumor removed from his front left paw. The Vet was very transparent about his condition and I was informed to prepare for him to die within 6 months. Next month, it will be a year that he is still alive and kicking at the age of 11! Like many I have been hit with the layoff bug since February and have been struggling to keep us both together. Back in June, I noticed the growth was slowly returning and went to see our Vet. She suggested that it maybe scar tissue but to prepare for yet another surgery by September this year. Jay Sung is a fighter! After last years surgery he was a brand new dog to everyone's surprise! I strongly believe Jay has at least another year to two years with us. His will to keep pushin along is incredible and he inspires me to keep on moving forward too. Jay Sung has been my 'family' since 2013 - sadly my only family at this stage. At this point, I just want him to live out his last days as comfortable as possible and as happy as possible! He has been my best friend and always has my back. I just want to keep returning the favor to him. He's an incredibly special pet to me. Thank you.

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