Medical Fundraising for Gilberto (Papito) Valladares

Medical Fundraising for Gilberto (Papito) Valladares

From Dayna Cakebread

Papito is receiving cancer treatments for type of sarcoma, we want him to fight and come out of these treatments without the burden of US medical costs.

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Medical Fundraising for Gilberto (Papito) Valladares – Help the Man Who Helps So Many!

We need your help today for our friend Gilberto (Papito) Valladares, the creator of

Artecorte Projects in Havana. 

The "Callejon de los Peluqueros y Barberos", or Hairdressers and Barbers’ Alley – is

Papito’s domain, where he directs his many on profit training programs and facilities aimed to help children, disabled, elderly,youth at risk and in general created so that young people can improve  and live better lives. 

Because of a serious medical condition, Papito has had to leave his beloved Callejon and his cherished home in Havana, so he can undergo chemotherapy in Miami. 

Papito was diagnosed with Sarcoma soft tissue cancer of the lungs. He is currently on his 3rd round of chemo, and will need 6 more to sustain his life. 

We need our Papito to fight this cancer and we know how incredibly expensive and burdensome these treatments are. 

We want him to fight and come out of these treatments without the burden of US medical costs. 

Together, we can do this!

Our Papito has dedicated his life to being a humanitarian, community leader and abeauty industry leader for hairdressers and barbers worldwide. His giving heart is huge,and now it is our turn to give back, so he can continue his life’s work. 

No amount is too small. Please give what you can. 

Please know that 100% of all funds will go to Papito’s medical treatments, andany money/funds left over will be donated to Artecorte Projects’ non-profit work.

Please share this petition with your friends, family, clients and your fellow hairdressing/barberingcommunities. We know that It takes a village – or in Papito’s case, a “callejón” – to care for the oneswe love. 

Let’s show him how much we care.

For those of you who may not know how amazing Papito is, let us share some of his accomplishments and recognitions:

He has met with world leaders and important dignitaries to represent the hairdressing and barber profession. 

He has met and/or received acknowledgements from:

* President Obama during his 2016 visit to Havana. * Prince Charles 2019* Intercoiffure America/Canada Humanitarian Award 2016* Doctor Honoris, Causa Anthropological University of Guadalajara, Mexico forprofessional, humanistic and honorable contributions towards a better world 2017* National Barber Museum & Hall of Fame 2020 (

We want to share a list of his Non-Profit projects conceived to benefit the community. 

All the training programs and services are offered free of charge to participants. 

Some of these projects are completed, some are on-going.

All are in Havana. 

* Artecorte Beauty School-a beauty school, free of charge that offers training to at-risk youth with behavioral problems and/or disabilities. 

* Artecorte Havana Rum Bartending School-free of charge to participants. 

* Manicure training-this is a program for women whose children who are disabled, and/or have behavioral problems-the mothers cannot work outside the home because of the attention required by their children. By receiving this training, they are able to work at home offering beauty services and economically sustain their families. 

* BarbePark- a free hairdressers and barber themed park for children that offers a playground, age appropriate activities and a hair salon for kids. 

*Creator of the "Juan Gomez Award"- an honorary lifetime achievement award given to elderly and unacknowledged barbers and hairdressers, and named after the first barber and surgeon in 1552, prior even to Havana being an established city. 

* Founder of the World Monument to Hairdressers and Barbers.

*Creator of the Hairdresser's and Barber's Museum.

*Founder of the Day of Celebration of Hairdressers and Barbers

* Community Senior Center 

* Hospital Beauty Salon - a salon located in the oncology ward of a hospital and offers free wigs, and beauty services to chemotherapy and cancer patients and their companions. 

* Disability Salon – A beauty salon for people with disabilities-in progress

*Community Center - in progress

Papito has always cherished the history and craft of his country’s hairdressers and barbers and he has also dedicated himself to its present.  His life’s work is to make the future better for everyone, everywhere. 

Currently he is living in Miami with family while he goes through his medical treatments but he yearns to return to Havana and continue his life's work. 

Please join our effort to support Papito and be part of making his dream come true just like he has done for so many in Cuba and around the world. 

With Love and gratefulness from  all of us at "Team Papito"

Frank Gambuzza - Dayna Cakebread

Erin Hundley

Ron Suriano

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