Medical expenses from a vehicle accident

Medical expenses from a vehicle accident

From Teresa Whitacre

This campaign it to raise money to help Paul Lytle with out of pocket expenses for his medical bills. on November 11, Paul was in a vehicle accident totaling the vehicle and breaking his foot in two places.

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Paul Lytle broke his foot in two places during the auto accident. The vehicle was totaled. The car has been replaced, but there is no replacing his foot damage. He had two surgeries and will be down until middle February. The insurance companies have paid all they will pay, so he is left with thousands of dollars in medical bills for something that was no fault of his own. 

Paul is very hard worker. He has a full time job, which he cannot do until he is released from the doctor. I, as administrator of his fundraiser, appreciate everything he has done for everyone. He doesnt ask for anything - he just works extra hours or takes on extra projects to pay his way.  Asking for help his not his thing - but this time is different. He has no way to help himself for quite a while.

Times are hard for everyone now, so he will understand if you are not in a position to help. Even some kinds are most appreciated in this time of need. 

As the administrator of this account, I will assure everyone that all monies collected will go specifically to get him back on his feet again. Any monies left over (which I will account for every cent) will be donated to the Westmoreland County Food Bank to help our neighbors in dire need. 

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