Meagan's medical bills

Meagan's medical bills

From Chris Sutphin

My good friend is in the hospital ICU after complications from surgery. She is currently under sedation and is having issues with kidney function and blood pressure. We don't know if she will pull through or not.

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Received this message regarding Meagan.  I just want to help her out after she pulls through. Any donation will go to helping with her medical bills.  She is a middle school teacher in a small school division that does not have the best insurance.

"Ok. Her kidney function isn’t terrible. Certainly shows an acute kidney injury from septic shock but nothing she cannot recover from. She has had no cardiac injury. She is being sedated using two sedations. The goal here is to keep her as quiet as possible and as still as possible. She has 2 lines going into artery and vein so all of her blood draws are being done that way. Her arterial line is critical in keeping the most accurate measurements of things like blood pressure, oxygen saturation etc. They check her kidney status 4 times a day with blood draws. She is on 3 different blood pressure medicines that are crucial to keeping her pressures where they need to be for her organs to function. These can also have negative affects on kidney function hence the multiple blood draws per day. She has had 2 units of plasma, 2 units of albumin and 2 units of blood so far today. Her urine output has been acceptable today. Nephrology has been in and is working on her case (kidney doctors). So in a nutshell she remains very very critical. Their concern other than the obvious is if she has suffered any brain injury from the lack of oxygen due to blood pressure drops. The next 24 hours will tell us a lot. She will either respond quickly from the interventions she is getting or she won’t. Her white count at this time is high at 48.9. She is in the fight of her life."

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