Max's Last Medical Bills

Max's Last Medical Bills

From Hannah Pinkerton

I'm raising money to cover my beloved dog Maximus's final medical expenses. All funds will cover his surgeries, medications, and other procedures that attempted to save his life after someone poisoned him.

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I've never asked for crowdfunding before, maybe because I felt too proud or embarrassed. But sometimes it's nice to let others help you.

 Maximus was a loving, sweet, loyal, and protective dog for the eight years he was in my life. He was rescued from Texas and had heartworms and was reported as dog and people aggressive. With a lot of love and patience, he turned out to not be aggressive at all, and he was able to move on from the heartworms. He was always so smart and needed almost no correction or training. I always wondered how old he really was.

He touched a lot of lives throughout our travels. He lived with me in Maryland, Colorado, Alabama, in my car for three months as we traveled the US together, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, and Spain again. He also got to visit various other states in the US and even Portugal, hike along the Appalachian Trail and Camino de Santiago, and explore countless other beautiful natural places. Not many dogs get to experience so much in their lifetime.

Even when I traveled alone with my dogs, I never felt alone. I was always with my two best friends. They were with me from around the time I finished college until shortly after I moved to Spain. I'm so grateful for all of the priceless memories and adventures we shared. They will always live on in my heart.

And so, this has been a very difficult year for me. My ten-year-old car that I lived in last year was totaled. My laptop died. But much much worse than losing possessions, six months ago my other beloved dog Jubilee died suddenly and I was crushed. Then Max was apparently poisoned (according to the veterinarian) and died as a result.

Long story short, he wasn't feeling well or acting himself one morning, so we got him into the emergency vet. The first surgery to remove the obstruction in his stomach went miraculously well and he was able to walk home two days later. Soon thereafter, he started going way downhill. He went back to the vet for more treatments and medications, but continued to get worse and died under veterinary care a few days later. The vet and her team were amazing and compassionate and took excellent care of him. But it was too late, the mysterious sausages with their hidden pill that were removed from his stomach had already gotten into his system. As best we can tell, it seems like someone in the area put out poisoned sausages. It's really a mystery as he was on leashed walks with me during daylight or inside our secure apartment for the entire possible time he could have consumed the sausages. While we may never know the details of what was in the sausages, who put them out, when he consumed them, how I didn't notice, in the end none of those things will bring him back.

The veterinarian suggested I file a report with the local police, in case there are any other similar incidents and I plan to do so. Unfortunately, beyond that, there is not much more we can do.

For the first time in my entire life, I now come home with no pets to welcome me. It's been really difficult to lose both Jubi and Max in the span of 6 months, but sometimes that's just the way things happen. There's so much that I'm going to miss about them and the things we shared, but I know that when it's my turn, they will be there waiting for me on the other side of Rainbow Bridge.

Max has been cremated and I spread his ashes in the same places I spread Jubi's here in Spain- all of their favorite places. From mountain top, to forest, to beach, to favorite grassy areas to roll, they have gone back to the earth from which they came.

While money won't bring them back, it will help ease the unexpected financial costs of losing Max. He had the absolute best medical care with no expense spared, for which I am very grateful. If Max or his story touched your life, please help by donating a few dollars or sharing this post. Sharing helps tremendously, so if you aren't able to contribute financially, don't worry! Thank you so much for reading.

Please give your furry friends some extra love today.

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