Matrix of Liberty Board Game

Matrix of Liberty Board Game

From Debbie Swisher

I'm raising funds to produce a fun and educational board game that will help bring awareness to the Christian principles and values that made this nation the freest, most generous nation the world has ever known!

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The funds will be used to create and produce 100 sets of the Matrix of Liberty Board Game, a fun and educational 2 to 4 player game that will help teach kids (Adults too!) the formula for creating and maintaining a free society. This 'matrix of liberty' is visually illustrated in a little known national treasure, the majestic and magnificent, over 140-yr-old, National Monument to the Forefathers.

The goal is to print, package, and market the game to Christian Middle schools across the country. Each set will include a 4-color, quad playing board, printed box top with bottom, a Matrix of Liberty Postcard, Instruction sheet, 30 Questions with Answers sheet, 1 set of 30 Question cards and 4 sets of Barter cards. Spinners, and a 3-D printed, miniature replica of the monument will also be included in each game!

This is not your typical run-of-the-mill, mass produced, board game. The Matrix of Liberty board game has value unlike any other on the market. It teaches our posterity the formula needed to maintain a free society. The importance of this cannot be minimized. And it accomplishes this in a fun, interactive way, not just with luck, but also with intelligence and reasoning skills. Bartering is also a component in the process of winning and part of the fun of playing the game!

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