Mataio PoChing Cancer Journey

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Mataio PoChing Cancer Journey

From Mataio PoChing

Help Mataio course correct his body. All support goes towards advancing Mataio's mission to empower & impact people.

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Mataio is Samoan for Matthew (which means "Gift from God") Born in Tacoma WA ("City of Destiny") Diverse Culturally: Samoan, Chinese, English, German & Native American (Chippewa) Descent. He is a recent single Father of 2 beautiful daughters, ages 2 & 5 Masina (”his Moon”) and Kiymaya (”his Sun”). His family is currently living on a fixed income. (SSI & TANF). Since his cancer diagnoses (”his wake up call”) he has found his true self, his calling, his passion, and his purpose. His vision is to empower people through sharing his story. He is committed to transform his community with all the knowledge he has learned on his journey.


Starting in October 2017 Mataio had symptoms with his Gallbladder & Bile Duct. [he was hospitalized with Jaundice and other symptoms, DR's thought it was gallstone issues.] This past March 2018 after being hospitalized again for repeat symptoms they discovered an ulcer which they biopsied and he was diagnosed with a rare cancer, Ampullary Adenocarcinoma, representing approximately 0.2% of all gastrointestinal (GI) cancers and 6% of periampullary tumors.

Medical Doctors at University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle told him patients with this diagnosis don't live longer than 6-12 months if untreated. 

It has been over 12 months now since he had his first symptoms last year on October 1 2017 (The same day his father Yeutson Po-Ching transitioned 4 years prior)

"Cancer is caused by the feeling of powerlessness"

A week before the diagnoses Mataio was devastated after being fired abruptly from a volunteer position at a local non-profit. The day they sent him home he had a high fever that lasted 5 days. He had volunteered there for over six months and his co-workers were like family. One day unexpectedly they said he wasn't welcome anymore due to performance & attendance (which had suffered from outside family stress and deteriorating health conditions) He wrote a goodbye email to the organization email list and compared himself to Steve Jobs. Mataio wrote he would make a come back like Steve did after being fired from Apple.. 

Little did he know he would get diagnosed with cancer like Steve Jobs. Wow. 

"life is 10% of what happens and 90% of how you react to it."

The news of his cancer was sobering and forced him to make a choice, get busy living or get busy dying. With 2 amazing young daughters and no major achievements in his life, the choice was easy.

Instinctively he understood there are ways to address the body's needs to support the immune system naturally and reverse the disease. He compares it to the legal principle "The way something is bound so it can be unbound" or the quote "I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday." 

Self Transformation

So within a week of getting his diagnosis he postponed the invasive surgery (Less than 39% survival rate after 5 years, no guarantee it would remove the cancer, would compromise the immune system, etc) and immediately started the journey of self transformation. 

To proactively reverse his disease he flipped his old lifestyle and diligently improved his health/immune system despite living with his toxic co-parent.

His efforts included implementing improved exercise, keto diet, detox methods, fasting, prayer, supplements, therapies, spiritual guidance, emotional support, stress relieving practices, morning rituals and daily routines. 

  • Started strict keto diet from methods outlined by Dave Aspery in "The Bulletproof Diet" eventually switched to extended fasting as outlined my Jason Fung in his incredible book "The Complete Guide to Fasting".
  • Joined YMCA, started group exercises Tai Chi, Yoga, TRX and later Weight Training.
  • Joined Toastmasters, started practicing public speaking and getting over fear/anxiety of that process.
  • Started Cold Training [Cold showers in the morning aka Wim Hof Method, from 30 seconds a day to now 4 minutes a day.]
  • Doubled the amount of push ups he could do in 1 week. 
  • Started Heat Training [15 min of 110 degrees steam room daily at my local YMCA]
  • Started Breathing Exercises as laid out in the book “The Oxygen Advantage” by Patrick McKeown 
  • Started drinking and noticing the benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water.

A follow up ERCP procedure on 5/9/18 revealed the tumor was still there but doctor said it appeared to be the same size as before and they installed a metal stint in his bile duct. (last longer than plastic) 

The next logical step 

This news that the ulcer was still there but hadn't spread was indicating his efforts were helping but weren't enough to reverse the disease. This is when he discovered solutions from Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle WA. They offer "nutritional and therapeutic infusions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, infrared mild hyperthermia and diet as synergistic treatments to treat those who are searching for something outside standardized medicine." They don't work with insurance companies so that's when we started this crowd funding campaign to raise funds to pay for those costly treatments. The proprietary IV infusions are $475 per treatment, with 2 treatments a week for 2 months adds up to $7,600.  From 6/6/18 to 8/6/18 we raised over $1950 which has paid for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, NanoV Therapy, Alternative Doctor Consultation Fees over the past 4 months but not the expensive IV Treatments or all of the prescribed supplements.

The Perfect Storm

On September 1st unexpectedly his toxic co-parent willfully abandoned their kids and moved out forcing all parenting responsibilities on Mataio which disrupted many of his daily health routines and left Mataio feeling helpless and powerless once again. 

It was during this stressful transition from part time co-parent to being a full time single dad caring for his 2 young daughters that he lost track of protecting his own health. Feeling exhausted after long days his diet and mindset suffered which allowed his disease to silently progress. Mataio routinely tested blood labs to track various blood markers and his PCP Dr requested he follow up with his GI specialist regarding elevated markers.

On October 2nd 2018 (5 years and a day since Mataio's father passed) he had a procedure to replace the metal stint in his bile duct that revealed the tumor had doubled in size! CT Scans a few days later revealed the disease had progressed to his liver and he was told surgery was no longer an option. Based on all the stress he had the month of September he wasn't surprised.

"Entrepreneurs don't fail they pivot"

Mataio has learned to take full ownership of his cancer giving him the ultimate responsibility or ability to respond. In essence since his original diagnoses he's gone from feeling powerless to feeling powerful. "With great power comes great responsibility" or as Jim Kwik points out, "With great responsibility comes great power" Until Mataio successfully finishes writing his book we humbly asks for your prayers & financial support to help Mataio course correct his body and share his message with the world.

Funds raised will go to the following.

KETO-MOJO Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter Kit ("Everything measured can be managed")

Supplements! Lots of supplements! Below is an excerpt from the book titled 'The Metabolic Approach to Cancer"

Nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, and nutritional epigenetics are scientific fields that explore, respectively, the ways in which food affects patterns in gene regulation, the relationship between the human genome and nutrition and health, and how our grandparents’ diet affects our health today, among other things. The findings have been stunning. To mention only a few:

  • Macronutrients and micronutrients in the diet change the activity of enzymes that add methyl groups to DNA.
  • Certain phytonutrients, such as green tea, have the ability to repair DNA.
  • Molecules in food affect the kind and number of molecules attached to DNA.
  • Common dietary chemicals act on the human genome either directly or indirectly and can alter gene expression or structure via several different mechanisms. (For example, intake of the element selenium is considered the major epigenetic switch regulating BRCA mutations.)
  • Some diet-regulated genes play a role in the onset, incidence, progression, and/or severity of cancer.

"To us the message is clear: Dietary intervention based on knowledge of nutritional requirements, nutritional status, and genotype can and should be used to help prevent or mitigate cancer."

Consult with a naturopathic oncologist or nutrition therapist to customize an ideal protein intake based on his lab studies, genetics, weight, gender, age and goals of therapy

Running genetic data through StrateGene, Genetic Genie, and MTHFR support, then analyzed by a health care provider to interpret the information and decide how to address the SNPs.

Continued Hyperbaric Oxygen & NanoV Therapy

Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

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