Maskot, Inc. Team

Maskot, Inc. Team

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"Masks for All"
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Jingbang Zhu

From Maskot, Inc. Team

We combat health inequities and mask shortages by distributing masks and educating people on their use. Fight with us.

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About The Team

We are four passionate high school students seeking to aid vulnerable local communities during COVID-19, and founders of Maskot, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. With the motto “Educate, Distribute, Innovate”, Maskot’s goal is to source funding from responsible, concerned individuals and corporate donors, and purchase masks with the option of advertising our sponsors’ logos. Along with safety instruction pamphlets, we will distribute these masks to the most marginalized groups in our region to combat the health inequities exacerbated by the pandemic.

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Our goal

Maskot, Inc. aims to tackle the mask shortages, medical inequity, and misinformation under COVID-19. We—a group of young entrepreneurs—recognize that unequal access to masks for marginalized communities and widespread ignorance of mask best practices has endangered public health internationally. Many use makeshift face coverings that offer little protection compared to medical masks. Even those who wear “proper” masks often fail to cover their noses or securely seal the mask over their faces. 

Our team will source masks in bulk online with unique designs. After our purchase, each of us will hand out masks for free to nearby underserved communities via distribution stations and by collaborating with local stores. Currently, we operate in the Greater Boston Area; Louisville, KY; and southern Connecticut. Along with offering masks, Maskot will create pamphlets, posters, and a website to promote practical usage of masks. With our ambitious team, unique skillsets, and—hopefully—your help, Maskot, Inc. can help drive the transition to a healthier, safer world.

How will we use the money?

While most of the money will be used to source masks from local manufacturing companies, we also plan on using the funds to spread a positive message and demonstrate the benefits of wearing a mask. The money will allow us to include a pamphlet that underlines the proper usage of masks, help us pay for our website and other media sources, and manage mask distribution trips to extend our reach. With your help, we can make sure that everyone has access to masks, one mask at a time.

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