Margarit & Trumpeter Swan Fundrasier.

Margarit & Trumpeter Swan Fundrasier.

From Margarit Brigham

This fundraiser is to help Margarit Brigham get settled in a safe place so she can continue to champion the restoration of the Trumpeter swans even while her life is collapsing.

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New Challenges and needs have come up with my move June 1st.

The latest video gives a visual update on the current water issue from burst pipes.

I'm offering the new Swan eBook "Return of the Wild: Trumpeter Swans & Human Soul Journey at 3 donation prices below with a link to paypal.

In 2018 I was advocating to save the Swans Winter Habitat with a fundraiser 2019 Trumpeter Swan Calendar and Awareness Campaign.  This go fundly crowdfunding was set up to help with my move and starting from scratch. advocate for myself, to find a safe place to live so I can continue with my work and writing on behalf of the trumpeters.

A Miracle at the 11th hour I am moving June 1st and only 1 street over so I will be even closer to the local pond where the swans live!!

To fulfill my next fundraising mission I will be creating a second fundraiser Calendar for the Trumpeters. However, the donation will be given to the Trumpeter Restoration and Swan hospital.

  I am on the verge of a comeback story similar to the Trumpeters and I need your help. 

  • There is no wifi where I am moving to, funds will go to pay for wifi and my phone monthly.
  • A professional camera to offer better photographs for the coming years Calendars, while also continuing to share videos and photos on social media and at my trumpeter and my home site at patreon.
  • Photoshop

Every little bit helps me, and when you get behind my cause, you are standing for the ongoing protection and health of the Majestic, Beautiful Trumpeters Swans.

You will read how my journey is interconnected to the swans and a community who has brought them back to their Native Ontario since the early 1980's after being extinct for 200 years.

I have priced the eBook in three tiers $8.00, $12.00, $18.00 

Order and receive yours directly from paypal!

Paypal link $8.00 -



I am so serious about delivering this mighty swan mission, that I wrote it in 6 weeks so it can get into as many hands, as soon as it can.

The Swans have brought a community together, and I am grateful to bring a balance of the trumpeter's Beauty to this world that surrounds us with bad news all the time.

I value and appreciate nature, there are never before photos in the book. As well as what's real, authentic, wholesome, pure and what is good about humanity.

The nuts and bolts are, I am a woman who's life got interrupted with an illness, and my path was forever changed by local swans and local community and caring folks from around the world who tune in online. 

 This project is growing beyond me and a team of volunteers. We need more involved if you can't spare some change, you'll read there are other ways to get involved.


A piece of history passed to me

Swans and soul connections

Walking in nature and visiting the swans at the local pond played a big part in my recovery in 2018. 

The swans were/are a life raft to hang on when the darkness seemed too much to bear. Then one day, out-of-the-blue I met a Mr. and Mrs. Soul and I am excited to tell the world about their work since 1993 in a labour of love to repopulate the Swans. 

With their retirement, they have passed the torch, with Mr. Soul entrusting me with his memoirs. This is a big honour and this piece of history is too important to wait for my first book to be released in 2020.

Read on- To know who am? What I have been contributing? What happened to me? The plans are for this year? Where you come in?

One of the quickest ways to see my work is through this link of my name with trumpeters.

There are many projects on the go now, many are too big for me to do alone, if you cannot donate financially, please be a virtual volunteer and share where you can.

Continuing to contribute while having a little and my life collapsing

  • I started a community page on Patreon where I have exclusive content of swan photography, videos and the beginnings of a book “Miracle healing Swan Story” A Maturity Journey from ugly duckling to Grace of a Swan.
  • At the patreon page is last years fundraising calendar for the swans with more Calendars to follow.
  • I have 31 videos of Reiki and angel channelings with more to come after I am settled
  • Spreading the awareness that the Trumpeter Swans winter home was being threatened. What a fragile comeback its been for 200 years they were extinct from their native home. In 1982 only 33 Trumpeters survived across North America and 0 in Ontario. They are not thriving yet but the species is growing.

Imagine what I will contribute when I have more?

  • I’m working on an ebook to be released in May 2019 working title- Return to the Wild; Trumpeter Swans Tragedy and Triumph (Done)
  • Continue to give Reiki on youtube and when I’m settled offer sessions
  • 2020 Trumpeter Swan Calendar with donations to Swan Hospital
  • Upload more content to the Patreon site of swan soul food.
  • Writing the Miracle healing swan book.
  • Continue to gather, give and inspire a community.

After I have hit my top goals I will continue to fundraise for a vehicle

A vehicle to get to all my many appointments to continue my healing, and to get to speaking engagements about the Swans.

May all Beings live in Beauty

Blessings and Thank you,


p.s. Alternatively, you can donate with PayPal

Or  via Facebook Cause for the continued health of the trumpeters

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