Make The News Democratic Again

Make The News Democratic Again

From Justin Bellinger

To create a new, democratically effective, news network, so we can aid democracy by providing unbiased, honest, focused news and current affairs to the UK market - in light of the serious failings in news over Brexit.

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Justin Bellinger posted a new update:
9 months ago

Update #3

Thanks for all of you who were kind enough to support me.

We've gone back to the drawing board on this, cut it to the bone, got some commitments of professional help moving forward and re-launched this hoping to raise far less this time around.

Why not continue your support right here:

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Justin Bellinger posted a new update:
10 months ago

Update #2


In what has been a particularly disappointing few weeks, whereby I have been in touch with just about all the kind of people who could make a big difference to undertaking this project, I ended up receiving exactly zero feedback from anyone.

I had been contacted by political support groups, many of whom promised to get the project in front of people, and all of whom did not, in the end, do so.

I suspect that too much effort was put into that, rather than pushing the main campaign here on Fundly.

None-the-less, what is next?

Firstly, this is too important to give up on. I don't believe in blindly supporting pipe dreams, that way is madness; but the idea is fundamentally sound, financially viable, and winning the information cycle (the overall view of news, current affairs and associated "other" programming that makes up the main information pipe into people's lives) is the surest fire way of winning hearts and minds.

And I think we can all agree that in terms of support for Remain, we are winning hearts and minds, but we are not yet winning news and information, and that is dangerous in such a closely fought race.

Secondly, the existing news media, with the admirable exceptions of The Guardian and Channel 4 News, are still continuing to let over half the population down in terms of coverage over Brexit.

I don't know about you, but that is simply not acceptable. In a functioning (just) democracy, and the one on which most others are based, it is a travesty that we allow the news to bend and lead the agenda.

Since the referendum result came in, I have campaigned for more balanced news, reporting, factual and current affairs programming, because it was obvious very early on that Leave were winning on those fronts, and those fronts are straight into people's homes and lives and opinions and has kept the ongoing debate too close for comfort, despite the obvious down-sides of Brexit.

So what's next?

Well, obviously, with only seven days to go before this campaign ends, it is but a dream that we can reach the target, so time for a rethink.

To achieve the outline goal of taking over local television franchises in the UK to help run a more focuses, balanced and fair news service requires a bond raise, and that is possible via a private placement. To achieve that costs, roughly, as follows:

£12,000 for listing fees
£20,000 up-front legal
£10,000 up-front accounting
£25,000 up-front for placement and
£5,000 for marketing

This cuts back costs to the bone, and moves some payments to a back-end percentage based option, which costs considerably more, but means less money needs to be raised in advance.

That is still an difficult ask, I know and understand. £73,000 When you write it down like that, it seems so impossibly big and difficult.

But at what price our democracy?

If you could help balance the press and inform people for *just* £73,000, you'd probably be writing to your MP asking why it is not done.

Well, we can, but it's not via the government, it's via us, as we take back an important part of the news and information cycle.

I will run a secondary campaign if needed, but I cannot give this up, and I hope I can persuade you to join me: bring your friends and everyone you know who might like to make a difference to our country and to our democracy.

Like all good things, this one will take some small time, and us working together, to make it a reality.

Are you with me?

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Justin Bellinger posted a new update:
11 months ago

Update #1

A brief update to the campaign, which might, at first appearance appear to have stalled. But in the Brexit fight, looks can be deceiving!

One of our campaign supporters made a suggestion that we put the campaign in front of several people (who, for this very moment will remain nameless, but I hope to put names in a small update shortly, if they approve).

These are some big hitters in the anti-Brexit / democracy in news movement, and we hope they might help to get us some traction.

Honestly, please, put the word out further, if you can, we believe that delivering this will make a major difference to democracy in our country. Don't let the bad guys win!

More info to come.

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Bob Watt commented with a £10 donation:
11 months ago
A small initial donation made to an important cause. As more information becomes available I hope this will snowball !
Justin Bellinger commented:
11 months ago
Propaganda is the last thing we want, we have enough of that already!
Veronica Read commented with a £50 donation:
11 months ago
We need the truth, not propaganda ??