Triple Bubble Wrigley's in Trouble -Help us get him UNSTUCK!

Triple Bubble Wrigley's in Trouble -Help us get him UNSTUCK!

From Bring Wrigley Home

After three agonizing years fighting to reunite with her son, one mother is at her breaking point, justifiably. She and her son are now asking the public for help in reuniting their small family of two

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After three agonizing years fighting to reunite with her son, one mother is at her breaking point, justifiably. She and her son are now asking the public for help in reuniting their small family of two once more. Every donation, share, and word of support brings them one step closer to the justice and stability and they so deserve. Please give what you can to restore a family torn apart through no fault but misfortune.

  ✧✧✦Never in a million years as mothers do we ever imagine                    carrying a child and creating an unspeakable bond only for                               that child to be unjustifiably torn from us. ✦✧✦✧

↪ Never in a million years do we parent our children, create boundaries, instill morals, protect them from harm, show them the beauty of the world, only for them to be ripped from you while you're forced to watch them endure a deplorable amount of abuses, as you watch those morals being tarnished, the world for them painted black and grey, and your parenting undermined at the hands of a group of unrelated individuals alleging care and concern.

Once a loving family living comfortably in Lakewood, Mama+ her son faced hardships when  behavioral issues arose during the pandemic's upheaval. Denied services federally promised through her son's IEP her son's behaviors exacerbated to an extent she was left without option but to reach out to additional help in order to protect her son. 

⫸What she believed was ░"the right thing to do" ░and her well-intentioned attempt to receive services backfired when the local law enforcement she was forced to contact during a terrifying meltdown got the child welfare agency involved. Under the guise of "helping the family" they were torn apart without true cause and continue to be three years later.⫷

░░The bonds between this Mom+son are unbreakable as they░░ ░░░always have been. To keep them apart is a true travesty░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░░░that needs intervention.░░░░░░░░░░░

⋮⋮⋯⋯⋯⋮⋮⋯⋯⋯⋮⋮To add insult to injury, Mom then endured an illegal eviction from the home she had lived in for nearly a decade - retaliation for reporting the LL's misconduct.▩⋮⋮⋯⋯⋯⋮⋮⋯⋯⋯⋮⋮

 ✺✳❊❋✺This resulted in an over year long litigation matter filled with deception, fraud upon the court, and a massive absorption of already limited resources; self represented by necessity. The eviction also was framed around covid protections the court ignored + a 20k dollar covid rent relief check that magically disappeared and all public officials have refused to address.✺✳❊❋✺∗

 She was left without option but to file a massive tort complaint with the state of California however legal recourse was meek, she found herself suddenly homeless as her parental rights battle raged. Unfortunately the matter continues on as she faces refusal of return of property alongside her 3500 deposit that would assist in rehoming her family. Of course it doesn't end there, she's had to file multiple complaints ∗(small claims, civil and federal)∗ due to the treatment in the matter. 

Some believe it's a matter that she could simply "move on" from, however what is missing from that is that it doesn't work that way. With an unlawful 30k+ judgement against her she has a record with an eviction on it, (how will she find a place to rent?)  liens on her vehicle registration,  liens on all financial accounts, forcing her to close these creating burdens to access money and the money lawfully owed to her isn't a mere penny or two, it's a significant amount of money when she's already lost so much. Additionally, in the judgement she's being forced to pay plaintiff's legal fees under the deception that she signed a lease stating she would, however the lease she signed did not have this included resulting in an additional near 10k of money a court has entered a judgement for. Her choices are limited to fighting this matter to see justice or being burdened with the aforementioned for years to come. 

Since that wrongful lockout, Mom has withstood unimaginable trauma and abuse battling the system alone. She's lost everything - her home, possessions, health, and nearly her sanity. Yet she rises each day, refusing to surrender her child without exhausting every legal avenue.

Now homeless, Mama and her two pups, (Max + Bandit, her son's service dog) reside in a dangerous 'Hotel California' where nightmares are reality.  Subjected to unspeakable conditions, harassment, threats, physical attacks, theft, and a recent ☠ suicide  of a teen on the floor above as she typed a motion for court endlessly in her room hearing shots fired;  † She fears for her safety, her life, + her reunification with her son being compromised further. 

               ︴◤The daily trauma she faces being in this ◥︴

                         living situation is quickly depleting

                                 the last of her reserves. ◿

Ultimately she had to file a complaint against the hotel chain as well. Unfortunately at this current time she simply cannot leave for the overabundance of legal work, virtual hearings, health, and  lack of means at the current time.  Without basic amenities like a registered vehicle, home, stability, regaining custody seems impossible against stacked odds despite the lack of valid or legal sufficiency other than the current status of the homeAfter seeking help from every quarter, attorneys have stated her case is too (eviction) complex for most. She has sought dependency counsel and has also been denied for the matter being as ongoing as it has,  But she knows its complexity stems from injustice, not lack of merit. 

Three long years prove her child's wellbeing and constitutional rights remain hostage to bureaucracy over family. Exhausting all aid programs, Public Servant assistance, Mom has one goal - regaining custody of her only child. Mom asks little for herself - only that her son be returned to the stable home and care he deserves with his family, his Mother and his pups.  

With your help, she can hire counsel to compel the transparency and fairness denied until now. 

She can focus on reunification, not daily struggles to survive. She can put the pen and paper down and focus on treating her dental and health ailments to be the best version she can be for her son's return.  Without financial help, or help of any kind, justice just seems out of reach. 

If you can, Please give what you can so that one mother, at the end of her strength, may find justice and restore a family torn apart through no fault but misfortune. In supporting  this family,  you support all parents' fundamental right to raise their children without fear of unlawful interference. You support all people fighting systems that lack accountability and oversight and you provide the strength to this family to keep fighting on. No mother should have to be this strong. It takes a village, and she needs the muscle.Although humbled by the experience, it's difficult to ask for help, But more than just support, please spread this story. Raise awareness of the systemic abuse endured by too many fighting to protect their children. Give Mom and her son the strength to continue battling for their fundamental rights, and those of your own families. The bravery to fight an unjust broken system is a bravery so many of us may one day be faced to find.  Your love and support of any kind is greatly appreciated. The family's gratitude is endless.

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