Convince Moderate Dems in Universities Not to Vote in 2022 e

Convince Moderate Dems in Universities Not to Vote in 2022 e

From Michael Lewis

Hi, I'm Mike. I need funding to contact University staff and recommend moderate Dems vote Republican or not at all.

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Universities are the ones filling these college students heads with mush. In 2020, I scraped the web with free software for staff at Georgia universities and colleges. Then, I emailed over 30,000 emails to them to convince moderate Democrats to vote Republican or not at all. I did this to help win Republican control of the Senate.

I want to go to the next level and get a program called Octoparse to faster scrape the web and I want to pay for email that will let me send more that 30 emails at a time. My goal is to send out letters to all USA universities and many colleges in time for the 2022 elections. We Republicans should be able to win back the Senate and House. I will be asking them if they want Democrat cities to continue being burned and looted, free speech taken away, and many other items that make Democrats look very bad. Hopefully, some of the thoughts in this email will trickle down into the classroom as well.

However, this will take time and money. What I did in 2020 took me a lot of time and I lost money... I am on a fixed income and am a partially retired Computer Network Engineer. In addition, one month ago, I had major surgery on my neck. My complete cervical vertebrae (neck) is fused and reinforced with metal now so I can only move my neck a little. I won't be able to look down much to do my side work (woodworking) unless I want to permanently damage my neck and be in pain for the rest of my life.

Leftists have made huge strides in the culture war.The democrat base is the far left wing, which is made up of Communists and Marxists. Communism and Socialism have killed millions and millions of people. All Democrats in the House and Senate vote the same. So, yes, all Democrats are part of the problem. Far leftists will not be content with just Socialism. The left is crazy and will take their fanaticism as far left as America will allow. Our country is at a crossroads. College students point to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden as examples of what they want. However, those Scandinavian countries are not truly Socialist countries; they are better defined as Compassionate Capitalist countries. I am actually for Compassionate Capitalism. Those countries favor Capitalism, they don't have a minimum wage, and I read that they have the highest happiness rate in the world.

People don't realize that college students aren't in charge of the left so their fanaticism to be like Sweden etc. is a mute point. Nuts are in charge of the left so they will want to run right past Compassionate Capitalism on the way to Communism. The left in this country doesn't like Capitalism; they would rather be like China--where they can force you do do things like only have one child... You can already see your freedoms being taken away in the USA...

Please help! It is going to take monumental steps to fight back the left. EVERYONE needs to help.

God Bless,

Mike Lewis

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