Mainstream Discount Start-Up

Mainstream Discount Start-Up

From Matthew De Nure

Mainstream Discount is a Start-Up Internet Company that is going to save you ALOT of MONEY over all purchases you make. Anyone who chooses to donate, I am going to take note & send you a gift when I get my site is up.

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over 3 years ago

The more effort you put into helping me, the more you get to shine.

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The truth is, is that I started out as an extremely privileged child.  Although, that hurt me tremendously later in life and now my life is more difficult than I have ever expected.  I have personally been without a residence three "3" times inside of my life.  

One time I slept in my car in the winter with my left side of my car door all smashed because a truck blindsided me in a roundabout. 

The past three years of my life have been the most challenging, most hardcore moments of my life.

Playing hockey for eighteen years and being privileged enough to make a career out of hockey actually made my life great. 

But, when I stopped playing hockey to pursue music and business, these are two different world's to enter.  I wasn't ready for the actually working force vs. the hockey force.

On that note, falling short and not being able to pay for my own food, having to sleep in my car three separate periods of time. 

The last time I slept in my car was for 40 Days and 40 Nights.  This is why I can relate to Tony Robbins so much, is because he went through the same exact events. 

I know what it is like to live in extreme luxury and to live in extreme cases of being poor.  My company is derived to take 50% from our profits in the "Mainstream Discount" business to get God's Children off of the streets and into homes. 

Mainstream Discount is going to be launched by January 1st, 2021.

To give you a brief inside look, the company is going to begin the process of partnering with all companies throughout the nations.

All of God's Children are going to be able to make a purchase to buy any product or service they so truly desire. 

Here's the beauty within it... Mainstream Discount is going to split the commission they receive 50/50 with the customer. 

Instead of taking the full commission from our partners of big brands, we are simply going to give you 50% back, as we keep 50% when a customer makes a transaction.

50% of the companies overall profits are going to be given to charity, churches / building churches, building the economic development in Oshkosh, WI to fit all people's needs at a higher expense & ultimately to build solid group homes that are structured to put people without a home into a course of anything they like and get them into what they ought to become. 

We are going to mentor all human beings and give all of them the same payment responsibilities that they can afford. 

Our mentor program is going to be able to guide people through a life of mentorship and guidance, especially to those who wander or just don't have anybody to look after them to have a real bond with. 

The mission is make the money and build for the outer realm for God's People. 

P.S. Whatever you donate you get a surprise gift that fits your nature.  The less you spend, the less the gift expense. 

The more you spend, the more the gift expense. 

This is the perk and reward of donating with "Mainstream Discount."

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Matthew De Nure posted a new update:
over 3 years ago

Update #1

The more effort you put into helping me, the more you get to shine.

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