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Monument Fund

From Magic City Christmas

We came together to create an awesome event. One full of light and hope. We reached out to local companies within our city and we were met with laughter, disdain and hate . Why ? We dared to invite someone special.

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We wanted to do what the city hasn't, the state hasn't or previous administration hasn't.  That is to bring light to some very dark secrets of how politics really do work...but it got uglier. 

In 2011 North Dakota was hit by a huge flood.  Part of the city literally disappeared overnight. Almost 12,000 people displaced overnight!

You didn't hear about it - exactly.  Exactly why we had to get it done. So we thought, concert, Christmas and healing.  We were excited!  We even wrote to our President and told him how no federal cost share on our flood prevention plan has been allocated? That's never happened before! We told him how it's been almost 7 years and the US Army Corps engineers haven't really finalized the survey.  Did you know that the Obama didn't even bother to visit? Yes. Minot, ND was indeed the city the US left behind. 


Talent - Teeshirts- Venue and  a secret Monument. 

So we sought out local sponsors .  They all laughed, belittled and snarked at any thought of contributing.  As the days neared and more publicity was coming to somethings started to happen. 

Sponsors would tell us : "It's too Christian"  or "This is untrue why would they come" 

Suddenly in the final stretch sponsors pulled out demanding they stay away from it as if -- Christmas isn't supposed to be Christian!  "Too Christian"  Others snarked at the idea that had the "audacity" to invite our President. Why not we think he is kind of awesome.  The concert was put together so our performers can give away their profits to the community and charities of their choice.   Most of all it was to fund the monument we wanted to get built that you see in the picture.  The cost is immense ! 

But it got worse... real worse.  One sponsor the Bank of North Dakota the ONLY state owned bank. That means it's the only bank in the nation fueled by North Dakota tax dollars said something ...well emailed something to one of our coordinators.  It was something racist.  The email was recalled but luckily with VPN apps - screen captures happen. Boom it got evil.  

What happened?

They used their public office position to harass, intimidate and terrorize them.  You know the same thing our President went through and is going through ... but this to an average citizen.  It's real guys it happens FACTS don't matter - they show you they are in charge. 

They were going to sponsor the event but since we were NOT a charity they asked us to find a pass thru. Light bulbs went on and we thought- "Why not get our little ole Chamber of Commerce involved.?" We reached out to them ... said hey "The Bank of ND will send you $2500 can you guys muster $500 and pay for our audio visual guy?"  We connected them and let it happen right? NO.  This BND employee was not done- until now we really have no idea what her problem was BUT we responded accordingly when out of the blue she sent an email that made NO SENSE.  Why was she asking about things that did NOT pertain to her?  She even went to reply to ALL local media during our first press release we blind copied her on until she sorted everything with the little ole Chamber... so we thought.  

When we asked her why she did that. "Oops I didn't read the email?" 

What you work as the face of the Bank of North Dakota and you didn't read an email but responded?

Then her snark emails .  That made no sense "You have provided no assurances that you are funding a monument' - So the monument is a secret and we have been in contact with people of the city for feedback and location -- but it they are NOT paying for it I'm not sure what you are asking.  We asked our Parks head to reach out to her - tell her that even if a bench is donated the parks always put it somewhere if it aligns city values - but to be clear we had private property to put it on too... Then more snark :it was clear she was belittling us even though the Marketing & Communications Manager for the Bank of ND is not very careful with her emails.  Scared that we might oust her for what she did she went in for the kill.  She sent an email and we responded harshly and fairly - but she did what every SWAMP MONSTER would do.  She made calls to the Attorney Generals Office.  Yes she did. Misuse of Public Office. Called in favors who knows? We even saw the Assistant AG make a comment like "Don't cc that person cause XYZ of the event may target her too!" 

Can they learn how to use email? It's 2017 - I think we need to make it a rule for any position. Anyway...

The real reason all this happened on Friday DEC 2, 2017 is not because we gave her a good solid response to her email.  She didn't like it. We were supposed to respect that she is an employee of BND. She didn't start with the AG favor calling until....

She sent an email to someone accidentally sending it to one of the coordinators and it read 

"You failed to mention one of your headliners is Native"

"Did you speak to the board of XYZ charity?" 

The email was recalled but we've got a copy :) Printed PDF doc instant before it disappeared forever (so she thinks)

Then the calls and emails started coming in.  

"Hi we are charity xyz our board decided while we will be recipients of funds from the concert performers we will NOT be selling the xyz branded t-shirts" <--the t-shirts the event paid for to DONATE to them so they can make EXTRA money ? Are we insane. Guys #truestory

Then the AG - opening up an investigation? What ? Posing as a 501c and yes you guessed it it was that BND employee who made that claim. Funny , she asked for a pass through because we were not a 501c but then filed a false allegation saying we were posing as one.  

We found an email an email "savvy"  Bank of North Dakota employee had sent us once with the AG ccd.   We knew it was her. She did it - but how did the AG jump us to the front of the queue and send emails and calls claiming we may be engaging in illegal activity... isn't their supposed to be proof?  Then they even questioned if the event was going to happen? What? Did you not see our performer on YOUR local tv station last night talking about it ? Are we insane. 

She claimed we said we represented the city - and or said we represented the Bank of ND ? (WHAT) Proof please ? Guess what they don't need it. She called in a favor. 

We thought come Monday - they will disregard the phone-call they made and call it a day .. .NOPE they sent an order of information... So now the surprised is ruined.  We have to tell the world what we were doing --because we need help.  This could get ugly fast. 

We know what this is about... It's that email - the email that just so happened to be recalled that was intended for someone else and not one of us.  The email coupled with the insane decision of the xyz charity  board makes us wonder... wow - It's 2017 and the swamp is everywhere.  They flex their muscles and tell us little guys how we need to obey?


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