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My mommy was very, very sick last year! It was really scary! She was in constant pain in her arm and could not use her arm or hand and she couldn't even get out of bed, feed or dress herself. We soon found out that my mommy had a rare nerve disease called CRPS or RSD. This stands for Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It causes constant nerve pain to shoot up and down the arm or leg that it attacks. After almost 8 months, my mommy was sent to the Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD. They helped her at The Mayo Clinic when no other doctors could, and she was put into remission on May 25, 2012! I was so excited and happy to have my mommy back and feeling good! She can use her arm and hand and she is just like she was before she got sick.

Now my mommy is helping me create this fundraiser because I inherited the mutation that causes CRPS/RSD and I was diagnosed at the age of 9 years in December 2012. I have had a broken wrist on my right arm, a broken growth plate on my right foot and now I'm recovering from a broken collar bone on my right side. I have been going to PT since December and I'm getting better and I'm going to go into remission just like my mommy because we know God will help me, just like he helped mommy. 

I get a little better everyday and now I want to help raise awareness about this disease and how it can cause SO much pain to the people it attacks. I also want to raise money to continue to fund CRPS/RSD medical research so that more doctors will learn and understand how to diagnose and treat patients with CRPS. 

Please consider donating to this worthy cause!

I'm also working on two other fundraising projects. I'm going to collect change at stores near the checkout - "Maddy Makes Small Change Matter" and I'm trying to create a Splash-A-Thon (a walk/run through sprinklers in the heat of August).

You can go to the RSD Hope Foundation to learn more about this disease and how to help.

Thank you!


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