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We’re fundraising for our interpreters, who are safely out of Afghanistan but who are now refugees with only the clothes on their backs. We want to thank them for their many years of service & help them settle in the US.

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Hi Everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce that our interpreters, Haq and Khalid, successfully made it out of Afghanistan with their families (each with a wife and 3 children). Both families are currently being held safely in another country before they can complete the immigration process to the US.

While we couldn’t be happier that they’ve safely escaped the Taliban regime, they are now refugees having evacuated Kabul with only the clothes on their backs. In recognition of their many years of service supporting US Special Operations and their current heartbreaking situation, we created this Fundly. We’re looking to raise money to support these families while they immigrate and resettle in the US.

As Marines who worked closely with these interpreters, we can personally attest to the courage these men have displayed and the sacrifices they have made. We feel we have an obligation to extend our hand to these allies in their time of need, just as they helped us in ours. Please contribute whatever you can to support these brave men and their families.

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