2015 Haiti Medical Mission Trip

2015 Haiti Medical Mission Trip

From Lynn Davis

I am blessed to be a part of a medical mission trip to Haiti that will provide mobile medical clinics and education to Haitians in remote villages and share the love of Jesus.

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I am so excited to be a part of the upcoming 2015 medical mission trip to Haiti!  This will be my 3rd trip to Haiti, beginning with my 2008 trip where the beautiful Haitian people first captured my heart.  My last trip was in 2010 just after the tragic earthquake.  As you know, the destruction and devastation was incomprehensible and the Haitians were greatly affected.  Humbly, we were able to make a small difference in caring for them both physically and emotionally, witnessing their resilience and strength first hand.

I have the privilege of returning to Haiti, January 9-23, with a team of 18 people, consisting of 7 healthcare staff including PICU, Peds, ER nurses, a PA and an EMT.   We will be holding medical clinics in remote and extremely needy villages in the southern coast of Haiti, as well as the island of Il la Vache, where the people must take a boat to the mainland to receive medical care which is virtually non-existent.

Our team has partnered with a Haitian ministry - Global Vision Citadelle Ministries (http://www.GVCM.org) and in the villages we work with the local churches to provide this medical outreach service for their communities to anyone in need. The local pastor will connect and pray for everyone who comes through the clinics.  Some of the common ailments we will be treating are: malnutrition, intestinal parasites, worms, respiratory and urinary infections, wounds and scabies, as well as fevers, severe hypertension, heartburn, headaches, vitamin deficiencies, protein deficiencies, and anemia.  Sadly, 1 in 10 Haitian children do not live past the age of 5 due to malnutrition, diarrhea and dehydration.

We will have an opportunity to stay at the GVCM orphanage in Fedja, where 100 children are cared for, educated and loved by amazing Haitian staff.  My time at the orphanage, singing and playing with the children, hearing them laugh as I attempt to speak Creole, is a highlight for me.  Every time I leave Haiti, I keep all of those I have met, close to my heart.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support.  Issaquah Community Church (Issaquah) is sponsoring this trip and will be processing all tax deductible donations.  I’ve already purchased my round trip airfare and am asking for partner support for all in-country costs for food, water, lodging, rental vehicles, gasoline, translators, and a share of the costs of the medicines and medical supplies for the clinics (all team members split the cost of ministry supplies needed for the trip).  Thank you in advance for being a part of the physical, tangible, connection with the people of Haiti, something that gives hope through action.



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