Luxating patella surgery on Luna!

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It's not uncommon for puppies to take tumbles. These little balls of energy zoom around the house at breakneck speed as they play, explore, and get into trouble. And, in true puppy fashion, a slip on the steps didn't stop 7 month old Luna immediately. She got back up and kept on playing like nothing had happened. But a few days later, he stopped using his back leg. 

Immediately took her to the vet and they said she needs luxating patella surgery, once I heard the price it scared me. Looking at all the bills, stuff that has to be paid. The cost currently is set on 2,870. Including tax which I only have 433. I decided to make a go found when my friend told me it was so expensive and I couldn’t afford it. The price is scary and i currently have asked other family members I would be updating on the amount I have.

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