Lupus Medical Bills

Lupus Medical Bills

From Kylie Kilcrease

Raising money for outstanding medical bills due to lupus and heart failure mainly but many complications due to the both, including kidney failure, many falls and seizures causing expensive ambulance rides/er visits/RXs.

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Update #1

5 months ago

Another fall

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     My name is Kylie, I'm currently on LVL 32. Coming into this world in the beautiful beach town of Santa Cruz, CA after 25 years I relocated my family to Southern Oregon, where we now call home.

     I have always been an independent person, earliest memory I have of this is being 4 years old, relentlessly begging my parents for Hooked on Phonics (anyone remember that?!) because "I wanted to learn to read before Kindergarten". I joined the work force at 14 years old, never missing a day of work in my life (up until 30, we'll get to that). Graduated high school 2 years early at 15, college degree by 18. 

     Health wasn't the best, I was "morbidly obese" as a teenager, being approved for gastric bypass and having RNY at 17, I went from 300+lbs to currently 110-125lbs (depending on state of current health). I was Lucile Packard (Stanford's children's hospital) "POSTER CHILD" for weight loss surgery, I was on multiple News channels, medical blogs and Oprah with Dr. OZ!

     Fast forward to 2020, I'm happily married, mother of 2 beautiful and wonderful children. Fulltime at a marijuana dispensary. Life was grossly picture perfect and came crashing down one normal night. 

     Kids were in bed, husband and I were watching something on Netflix when I started having trouble breathing, collapsing shortly after. 911 was called and after knocking on deaths door, they gave me a diagnosis on Long QT Syndrome as well as COVID. This started a long journey of tests, procedures, appointments, hospital stays, etc. I was forced to leave my job as fainting and seizures were a new norm for me. I lost so much in the year to come, friends stopped calling as I couldn't hang out anymore, family turned their noses up at me calling me a "faker" and "attention seeking". Biggest blow was losing my independence; my driver's license was revoked, night nurses needed to help with basic needs (showering, cooking, etc.) until insurance stopped paying. My husband has been my main caretaker as well as the sole provider for our family, while I fight for my life and disability.

     We've had to relocate due to better work for my husband. Essentially hitting a reset button on my health care (stated insurance, new county, new policy *eye roll*). Now being early 2022 I have been diagnosed with the following:

•Long QT Syndrome 

•Lupus (SLE)

•Lumbar Spondylosis

•Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy

•Raynaud's Disease

•Sacroiliac Joint Pain

•Rheumatoid Arthritis with Positive Rheumatoid 

•Chronic Maxillary Sinusitis

•Transverse Myelitis

•Bleeding in stomach and intestines- cause unknown



•Hemolytic and Aplastic anemias

•Lupus Nephritis

     Just to name a "few". I see many specialists, many procedures, more tests, even more prescriptions (14 total, 45 pills a day, 3 inhalers, breathing machine, infusions) that have a host of side effects of their own.

     My family is drowning in debt and it's all my fault. I've opened myself up to Onlyfans, Myfreecams, etc. Those have been helpful but just not enough. I'm now exposing myself being the most vulnerable I've been in a long time. 

     Reaching out asking for help. I'll post photos, etc here. 

Thank you for.taking time to read this.

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Kylie Kilcrease posted a new update:
5 months ago

Update #1

Another fall

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